Wednesday, 22 Jan 2003

On Saturday, 18 January 2003, Erik Crittendon, age 19, son of Black Mesa resister and activist Louise Benally, passed away.

Erik was a good hearted young man, and all who knew him will mourn his loss. Supporters of the Big Mountain resistance will also mourn the loss of such a young life.

In honor of this young brother's passing, SENAA International will set aside Saturday, 25 January, as a day of prayer for Erik's transition and to ask Creator to grant strength and comfort to his bereaved family. All who wish to participate by praying for this family in the privacy of your homes or at your special place of prayer are welcome to join us. This is a spiritual coming together, not a physical gathering.

A Message from Erik's Mother

In a phone conversation with the grieving family today, Erik's mother, Louise, requested that a message be passed on to all Black Mesa support groups and individual supporters.

"Please say 'God bless you and thank you' to all Dine'h support groups and individual supporters." 

She went on to say that she did not have words to adequately express her thanks to and appreciation of all the people who have helped and supported Dine'h of Black Mesa during the course of their struggle and the many hardships that have arisen along the way.

Louise also indicated that those who wish to make donations to help the family with funeral expenses and for the creation of a memorial fund in Erik's name should send contributions to the following address:

PO BOX 1042

Please help the family as much as you are able. Those who are Black Mesa supporters know the situation at Black Mesa. It is also well known that funeral expenses can be higher than anticipated. All donations, regardless of amount, are certainly needed and will be deeply appreciated by the family.

SENAA International thanks everyone for continuing prayers and support for the families at Black Mesa who continue to resist forced relocation and cultural genocide. Erik was one of those resisters.



22 January 2003 SENAA International
Published with permission from the Benally family.