Worldwide Prayer Gathering 08-09 December 2016

SENAA International will be hosting a second Worldwide Prayer Gathering from 08 December through 09 December 2016 to pray that on Friday, 09 December 2016, the judge will uphold the Army Corps of Engineers' denial of the easement to drill underneath Lake Oahe and the Missouri River; and to pray for protection for those remaining at the Water Protectors camps at Standing Rock, as they brave brutal North Dakota winter conditions

In addition to prayers for protection for the Water Protectors and Veterans, we ask that you continue your prayers for Vanessa "SiouxZ" Dundon, who sustained serious injury to her eye after being struck in the eye by a teargas canister fired from close range; and for Sophia Wilansky, who faces multiple surgeries after her forearm was almost severed by a concussion grenade thrown at her by a Morton County Sheriff's Deputy or one of the department's hired mercenaries. They are both in need of and deserve our prayers.

We ask for everyone to lend their spiritual energy to this 2-day prayer vigil.

One voice singing in an auditorium is sweet to hear, but low in volume. A hundred voices singing in harmony is beautiful and powerful enough to shake the rafters and move the soul.

Please join us and add your voice to the choir.




Copyright 2016, by Al Swilling for SENAA International, Hixson, TN 37343