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The following form was created and provided by Tom Kunesh
of the Chattanooga InterTribal Association
This is a joint effort of the Indigenous People of E. TN., CITA, and the 
John Anderson, nominee
Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs
January 1999

close-up version of John Anderson photo

Mr. John W. Anderson


Folks - To the end of finding a suitable replacement for an east Tennessee representative to the Commission, the Chattanooga InterTribal Association and other east Tennessee Native American organizations, including the Southeastern Native American Alliance, the Tennessee River Band of Chickamauga Cherokee and the Elk Valley Band Council, would like to nominate John Anderson of Chattanooga (Tuscarora and Anishinabe from Canada and New York), to the position. A copy of Mr. Anderson's résumé follows below.

 We would like to talk with you at your earliest convenience about this nomination, your possible support of it, and any concerns you might have about the nomination or about Mr. Anderson himself. A meeting with Mr. Anderson can also be easily arranged. Please feel free to call us or write us at this address - cita@chattanooga.net.

 By the way, this is a draft nomination by people who know, work with, respect and like John Anderson, and not his own promotion. He has agreed to serve if appointed. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

the Chattanooga InterTribal Association / cita@chattanooga.net

John W. Anderson 

310 East 8th Street
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403
office 423/ 756.7644, 423/ 624.6714
Registered Member, Tuscarora Nation,
Six Nations Reserve, Iroquois Confederacy

1996-Present Assessment Counselor, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CADAS)
Regional Residential Treatment Center. Complete initial treatment assessments for regional substance abuse treatment center including identifying physiological, psychological and social complications; developing master problem list; preparation of integrated summaries. Additional duties include educational lectures, group therapy session, referral assistance, counselor on-call, intake assessments, and general case management activities.
1991-1996 Intake Counselor, CADAS Poss Homes' Project First Step
Model substance abuse day treatment facility, targeting critical populations onsite in urban public housing. Conducted initial interviews, intake assessments, referrals, quarterly admission reports, chart preparation, assistance with grant development. Developed community newsletter and program brochure. Served as Boy Scout Master and conducted Gender Group.
1994-present Live-in House Manager, Dismas House of Chattanooga
Halfway House for ex-offenders. Case management activities, 12-Step group development, recreational activities, and provide general assistance for maintenance of group and housing concerns.
1989-1992 Assistant Director, Dismas House of Chattanooga
Conducted admission interviews for placement in southeastern Tennessee penal institutions. Duties included college campus liaison, case management, employment assistance, committee facilitator, house maintenance activities, 12-Step group development, and recreational assistance. 
1988 Weekend Counselor, Metropolitan Hospital/Springview Substance Abuse Unit
Small group facilitator, recreational activities, assisted staff with weekend admissions, and monitored family visitations.
1986-1988 Intake Counselor, Outpatient services (part-time)
Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (CADAS) Conducted initial interviews assessments. 12-Step involvement, small group facilitator.
1986-current University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Accumulated 136 credit hours towards B.S. in Criminal Justice Concentration area: Juvenile Delinquency, minors in Sociology and English
1984-1986 University of Georgia at Columbus
Criminal Justice major, Concentration in Sociology
1982 Niagara Vocational Center
1600 hours, Machine shop, Machine Shop Operator's Certificate.
1997-Present Board Member, Native Life Center, New Tazewell, Tennessee
1992-Present Founding President, Council Member, Chattanooga InterTribal Association, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
Organized and participated in protection of Moccasin Bend, Rattlesnake Springs and Little Cedar Mountain sites, participated in discussions at UTC to end UTC's "Chief Moccanooga" mascot.
1990-1995 Boy Scout Master, Troop 3038, Chattanooga TN
1992-1995 Member, Alpha Psi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Fraternity
Student Government, Arts and Sciences, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC)
1986-1988 Founder & President, Physically Challenged Students Association, UTC
1986-1988 Wesley Center Leadership Team
1986-1988 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities
1989 Winner, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Alumni Public Service Award
for Volunteer work with Big Brothers and Big Sisters
1989 Nominated by Family and Children's Services of Chattanooga
for State Recognition for Volunteer work with the Crestview Group Home
1985-Present Volunteer, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Association of Chattanooga
References available upon request. 


If you would like to support John Anderson's nomination to the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs, please fill out the form below. Your message will be sent directly to (1) Governor Don Sundquist's Office, (2) Daphne Kirksey, Assistant to the TN Governor for Boards & Commissions, (3) Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs' Executive Director Toye Heape, and (4) CITA (we'll keep a print-out of nominations for the record). 
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If you would like to support John Anderson's nomination to the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs and prefer to use snail mail, send hard copies to all three
Governor Don Sundquist
Office of the Governor
State Capitol 
Nashville TN 37243-0001 
(615) 741-2001 
Daphne Kirksey
Asst. to the Governor for Boards & Commissions
The Capitol, G-10 
Nashville TN 37243-0001 
Toye Heape, Executive Director 
Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs

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