by Al Swilling, SENAA International  -  24 OCT 2016

North Dakota law contains a detailed Code of Conduct and Oath of Office that its peace officers must vow to uphold. That applies to the Morton County, ND, Sheriff, his deputies, and reinforcements from other sheriff's departments who are working temporarily for the Morton County Sheriff's Department or any city, county, or state law enforcement agency within the state of North Dakota.  
As anyone with eyes who has read North Dakota's "Peace Officer Code of Conduct and Oath" can see from the videos that have been recorded and published via Facebook, various Web sites, and other online media outlets, the Morton County Sheriff, his deputies, and outside deputies called in as reinforcements have repeatedly violated virtually every stipulation in the Peace Officer Code of Conduct and Oath, as stipulated in Chapter 109-02-05, subsections 109-02-08-01 and 109-02-08-02. The photocopy of that Code of Conduct and Oath is displayed below.

The Morton County Sheriff's Department, including its sheriff, its deputies, and reinforcements brought in from other sheriff's departments must be held accountable by a federal court for their violation of not just their own state-mandated code of conduct and oath, but also the violation of the Indigenous American people's federal Constitutional, civil, and human rights, as well as for their terrorist tactics, intentional intimidation, threats, and multiple counts of both verbal and physical assault.

The Morton County Sheriff's Depatment and the county jail personnel must also be held accountable for unnecessary humiliation of strip searches for misdemeanor charges, and in some cases intentionally causing some detainees to spend hours nude in a jail cell before providing a means of covering themselves. This is especially true of female detainees, as testimony from numerous detainees has established.

Below is a photocopy of North Dakota law, Chapter 109-02-05: "Peace Officer Code of Conduct and Oath":  (Or download the complete ND Peace Officer Training Board Law)


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