Create the most Eco-friendly Ski Resort in the World

From: Tribal Wisdom Foundation
To: [SENAA West Director]
Sent: Tue, Aug 24, 2010 12:24 pm
Subject: Non-Snowmaking Initiative for Flagstaff Ski Resort

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Create the most Eco-friendly Ski Resort in the World

The Tribal Wisdom Foundation (TWF) has presented a non-snowmaking alternative for the ski resort located on the San Francisco Peaks to the Mayor and City Council of Flagstaff. This no snowmaking alternative involves creating a collaborative effort between the City of Flagstaff, Indigenous Nations, conservation organizations and the USDA to protect water sources, cultural resources and the natural environment.

The plan involves TWF facilitating the purchase of the permit and assets of Arizona Snowbowl and establishing a not-for-profit organization to manage the resort in a manner that is both environmentally and culturally sensitive, creating the most eco-friendly ski resort in the world.

This viable alternative has gained support from conservation groups, Indigenous Nations, Flagstaff citizen groups, and Northern Arizona University (NAU) student organizations. The Flagstaff City Council will vote on August 30, 2010 on whether to amend the reclaimed wastewater contact to include drinking water (recovered reclaimed wastewater) or support the no snowmaking option by not allowing any water to be sold for snowmaking. This vote will determine the City’s position on partnering with conservation organizations, Indigenous Nations, and Flagstaff Citizen Groups and the Presidential Memorandum—America’s Great Outdoors Initiative which was signed on April 16, 2010. This Presidential Memorandum encourages “people from all over the country to develop new partnerships and innovative programs to protect and restore our outdoor legacy”. The Flagstaff City Council’s support of this plan will redirect this environmental and cultural conflict into a more positive direction for all parties while protecting the City’s water resources.

By voting to not allow the sale of reclaimed wastewater or drinking water (recovered reclaimed wastewater) on August 30, 2010, the City Council will create the groundwork necessary to develop the most eco-friendly ski resort in the world. The City of Flagstaff can enjoy the following benefits by not supporting snowmaking:

  • All of Flagstaff’s water resources and future water quality will be preserved.
  • The delicate mountain environment will not be harmed or changed artificially.
  • Citizens will have a model resort to enjoy outdoor activities.
  • The cultural resources of Indigenous Peoples will be protected.
  • NAU has access to the resort to let our next generation create a model resort for green technology.
  • Tourists will be intrigued and want to support this one-of-a- kind resort.
  • Flagstaff will be seen as a city that is looking toward a positive future for all its citizens by protecting their water resources, the environment and cultural needs.

Kevin Ordean, Chair of the NAU Student Environmental Caucus and President of the NAU Campus Climate Challenge, strongly supports this alternative and states, “With the global trend towards sustainability, and the many majors and focus areas at Northern Arizona University, an eco-friendly ski resort in close proximity to the campus would allow for an active engagement between the resort and the University. Since both NAU and the City of Flagstaff have made strides towards sustainability the next step would be to further pursue the sustainable option to this matter, which has gained national interest. Those of us that study sustainability and eco-friendly options, offer our support in any planning, implementation, or other needed capacity.”

The Tribal Wisdom Foundation based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois was established by a non-indigenous group of individuals comprised of teachers, administrators, therapists and business professionals who are committed to supporting the relationship between the Indigenous Peoples and the natural world in ways that are appropriate and welcomed. From their work with Indigenous Peoples, they have the understanding that our fate is intricately interwoven with the fate of the natural environment. They believe this perspective is crucial to sustaining life and strengthening community environmental stewardship. For more information please visit www.savenaturalsnow.com or www.tribalwisdomfoundation.org.

We like your support for this no snowmaking initiative. Your support can also be felt by sending an email to Mayor Sara Presler and the Flagstaff City Council indicating that you support the No Snowmaking Alternative proposed by Tribal Wisdom Foundation.

To view this plan go to www.savenaturalsnow.com

Flagstaff City Council: council@flagstaffaz.gov

Mayor Sara Presler: spresler@flagstaffaz.gov



If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call Drew Glassford at 630/726-0001 or Beth Huss at 630/205-3557 or e-mail Beth at tribalwisdom@gmail.com




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