This Dine'h Support Web Ring is a service of SENAA International and other Dine'h supporters and is provided to the public as a comprehensive source of information about the human rights abuses now being perpetrated against the Dine'h at Black Mesa, Arizona. By providing this ring, the public has the easiest possible access to all available information and updates concerning human rights violations against the Dine'h, their needs, the hindrances that supporters face, and ways that the public can help provide for Dine'h needs and end the atrocities that Dine'h are forced to endure.

We welcome and encourage the participation of all Dine'h support groups and urge all concerned to participate in this web ring.

This web ring will be promoted and submitted to all search engines to increase awareness. It is SENAA's commitment to break the conspiracy of silence by informing the public of the disgraceful actions of the U.S. government's BIA by every available means and to provide comprehensive information to all who seek the truth. We WILL prevail in spite of the media's conspiracy of silence!

Thank you for your interest and for joining this web ring. Please click the link below to add your site to this ring.

Yours in Struggle and in Spirit

Al Swilling, Founder
SENAA International




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