for the people this will happen   

it is dry, very dry,
no hint of a change in view.
eyes turn to the sky
searching, praying
for the much needed rains
promised by the monsoons of the
but nothing comes,
only the unrelenting heat.
the sun bakes the lands.
nearby water sources dry up.
it is by foot those determined to
go to retrieve the needed water.

shadows move across the lands,
waterless clouds passing overhead,
wisps of white in many shapes.
still the sun beats down,
making day to day life almost
most would leave under these
but those who live here
are an integral part of the land
as it is of them. here they
remain to protect Mother Earth
no matter what the conditions.
this is home, and nothing can chase
them away.

they do what is necessary
to continue their lives in this place
one which is sacred, not to be
daily prayers are carried up on the
which bring the prayers of others,
those who support them,
(but live long distances),
to the lands as well, looking for
in the promised rains which seem
not to materialize, not as of yet.
the sands blow with these winds,
covering everything they touch.

much has disappeared over the years
since the monster entered the area
greedily eating up the "precious"
coal reserves,
drinking the N-Aquifer for its
bringing nothing but destruction.
few outside see this,
too wrapped up in their own lives,
their own needs as they worry
about their own aquifers,
those which make the news.
still here the ground cracks,
the need becoming even greater.

the landscape blackens
from this disrespect of the land,
and of the People of Big Mountain,
the blasts ever constant
even in the backyards of some,
the destruction a living nightmare,
yet the People continue,
determined in their beliefs.
protection of the land,
what is left of it,
is of the utmost importance.
surrender is not an option.

still the eyes turn to the sky,
searching for the much needed
this is almost a test of wills,
who will give first,
but it will never be the People.
many hardships have they faced
and endured for decades.
this is but another one,
one which will be met
as all the others.
they stand strong.
all prayers are with them.

all is on their side
for they stand for what is right.
they are the keepers;
Creator knows this
as do their supporters.
a line may be drawn in the sand
but they know where they belong,
though all is fragile,
the needed balance threatened,
the much needed rains will come.
the land in all its beauty will be
for the People this will happen.



(c) 2001, by Sara  . All Rights Reserved
Used with permission.