Trail Of Fears - Tail Of Tears

Ohh Jaycees,
your footsteps are heavy
on my grandfathers - grandmothers,
our children of early death,
and forced marches,
your heels
dig into the face of tradition,
slice the eyes of future generations,
you mix this sacred earth
with ridicule,
laughter edged in hate,
you hear no drum or song,
your ears are deaf
to First Nation spirits,
you pray for your own,
exile the People from thought,
claim land that is inhabited,
you dance on the burial site
of honored elders,
break the bones of survival,
you cast off protest,
deny truth
that confronts your eye,
rename your game,
the haunted trail,
it will be you who are haunted
by generation voices,
who will follow you to sleep
and greet you with the sun,
you who disturb the peace
of our circle.

(c.) Phil Goldvarg