A Song for the Destroyers

Come! Show your strength and might now.
Do you think to stop the dawn?
Will your words of power halt the sun in his trek
Across ageless skies and
Above ageless People?

Hear the sound of a pebble
As it parts the crystal waters,
And see the ripples spread beyond your reach.
Hear the songs and drumming of the People
And know that the ripples spread
Beyond your grasp. Beyond your world. Beyond your time
On this good Earth.

Tell us: Do you think to hide the Truth?
Can your greed machines persuade the Moon
To cease her endless journey?
Howl your death-song, beat your breast
honor the Beast whom you serve,
And whose you are-
And see your final reward
From his loathsome claws,
Defiled with Sacred Earth and
Innocent Blood.

And listen now!
Hear the winds!
Hear the voices of my People as they laugh and
Scorn your efforts to end what cannot be ended.
As the sands pass through the glass
And the shadows fall across the land,
Your days will wane, your time is nearly gone.
But the People and their children will remain.