the poison spreads

the poison continues to spread
though it spreads slowly, quietly,
as the water disappears,
as elders are arrested.
imagine that.
would anyone ever think
this would come to pass?

it spreads in many ways,
sinking in deep, creating its
because total destruction is in its
because it has the power
to close the eyes of others.
it clenches tightly, refusing to let
and it controls most all it wants.

it affects many in its wake,
not caring who or what is hurt
with the news that is spread,
with the news that addresses only the
always forgetting,
ignoring those who are not.
so the outsiders know next to

this poison continues quietly,
constantly spreading its bile,
looking for its next victim,
looking to take a stronger hold,
who is next to control,
the next one to strangle.
the lies continue to be told.

no matter how many fall in its wake
there will be those who stand up,
refusing to be taken in by this evil,
refusing to be silent
as this monster wants.
these are the ones the poison fears,
and works long to silence.

its work will never be completed.
neither will be that of the few,
standing up to halt the spread of
this poison,
standing together with the people
 so long ignored by the
outside world.
but the mainstream ignores what is
allowing the poison to cloud their

the mainstream news will continue in
the outside world
as well as its neglect of those who
do not matter
according to the mainstream view
according to the needs of the poison.
but they DO matter,
so those who support them will
continue to fight for what is right,
and their prayers will be ever
present until the poison is stopped.



(c) 2001, by Sara  . All Rights Reserved
Used with permission.