Mother Earth's Voice

Surrounded by explorers,
gold miners,
silver and land collectors,
vagina intruders,
I let the heavy shades of forgetfulness
fall over my eyes,
these children of amnesia
are committing incest,
recognition of their mother
is beyond comprehension,
the intrusion of their greed
is a masking of lineage,
polluting the memory of blood
and the gift of birth,
my skin was flayed,
each breast harvested
in sharp fury,
my blood-milk sucked
and spit back
in rains of death,
living spirit of all things
was hunted and destroyed,
the families of my womb became extinct,
breath became difficult,
within my increasing entombment,
prayer was a wisp of smoke,
invisible in this alien landscape,
as I struggled to remember
the last song of creation
and the magic of birth.

Phil Goldvarg