2000 KIDS 30 DAYS

Please seriously consider sponsoring a child–or two–or more–to help give him, her, or them a brighter future and the desire to help change their own communities for the better.

This is not a paid advertisement, but an appeal to you from SENAA International and its members, in collaboration with Children International, to make a difference in the life of a child. It doesn't cost much money, and the rewards—in your life and in the child's—far outweigh your small sacrifice.

You literally have the power to change the world for a child.

Whose world will you change in the next 30 days?

2000 Kids - 30 Days


Together, we can change the lives of 2,000 kids in the next 30 days.
It starts when you sponsor a child at

Or please call the number below and talk to Ellen about how you can sponsor a child or other ways you can help children be healthy, educated, empowered and employable to break the cycle of poverty for a child and his/her family for generations to come.


Ellen Jacobs-Imber
Global Philanthropy


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