Just So You'll Know How SENAA International Operates

by Al Swilling, Founder


SENAA International is a non-profit organization. We have supported and advocated the position of the Dineh Relocation Resisters at Black Mesa, AZ, since 1998. From our founding date of 12 September 1995, we have helped to protect and preserve Indigenous American cultures, ceremonies, and tribal burials. Since our beginning, we have not asked for a single penny in donations. All of the expenses incurred for travel and the hosting of our Web site have all been covered internally, by our members; and usually by myself as one of the two founders of SENAA International, or by Sara Hayes, director of SENAA West, when other funds were not available. Usually expenses have been shared among the membership, and not through donations from outside sources. If expenses arise that members do not have the means to cover, SENAA International will sometimes hold one or more fundraising events to make up what we lack.

SENAA International does not pay any salaries to anyone. All the work done at SENAA International is done voluntarily, at the participants' own expense, and without compensation of any kind. It is our way of upholding our values and showing our allegiance to our cultures, heritage, families, and the Creator-given human rights of all people. To avoid being beholden or obligated to any person or entity, we do not solicit or accept sponsorship or grants from specific "benefactors". We will not be subject to the whims of any individual or entity outside of SENAA International membership. Only individuals and entities who are willing to abide by SENAA's bylaws and methods of operation are invited to join SENAA International.


SENAA International is an advocacy and cultural educational organization, not a news agency. It is part of our purpose to keep people informed of current issues, not to write news articles. There are many very talented journalists like Brenda Norrell who gather the news in detail from around NDN country and convey that news to us through various outlets like Censored News. We give full credit to the authors of every article, and we do not publish the article on our own Web site unless arrangements with the author have been made to do so. Otherwise, we publish only the title and author of the article and a snippet of the first paragraph to peak readers' interest. The title is always linked to the source of the information, directing visitors of our site to the proper publication where the article is legally published.

Our job as a non-profit cultural and educational organization is to keep our members, supporters, and Web site viewers informed of current events around NDN country; nothing more and nothing less. We do not profit in any way from our efforts, and no one is paid a salary.


If an article has cultural or historical significance, SENAA International may archive a copy of the article text and add it to our site if there is a request for it when the source of that story has deleted or otherwise made the article unavailable to the public. This is solely for the purpose of ensuring that the facts of the matter are preserved and are available in the event that government and other entities attempt to alter the facts to suit their aganda. However, this is done for historical reference only. SENAA International makes no claims of copyright or ownership of such articles unless it was written by a SENAA International member for SENAA International's use.

Included in any archived article are the date of original publication, the author, and the name of the news outlet, magazine, or Web site in which the article was originally published. Also, we seek the permission from the author--the rightful copyright owner--to publish the archived copy of each article, and we do so under very specific conditions that are agreed to by the author.

The only other articles that are published on our Web site in their entirety are articles published exclusively by SENAA International. Suzanne Marcus Fletcher is one author who has given us exclusive first-time publishing rights to some of her articles.

Second or one-time, non-exclusive publishing rights have, at times, been granted for specific articles by specific authors. Brenda Norrell and others have, in the past, granted SENAA International permission to publish specific articles under specific sets of circumstances. We have a copy of each author's written permission on file.

The same stipulations and policy apply to photographs, artistic works, drawings, and other graphics. SENAA International's Web design is all original and exclusively the copyrighted property of SENAA International.


SENAA International does not lobby, and we do not pay lobbyists. We believe that there are more effective means of getting justice than buying it one senator and congressman at a time. Our rights to equal rights, freedom, liberty, and due process of law have already been bought at the price of our ancestors' blood and lives on the fields of battle. Any senator or congressman who requires a fee to protect and preserve the freedom, liberty, and justice guaranteed by the Constitution is nothing less that a domestic enemy; and it is the oath of every elected official, military personnel, and military Veteran; the duty of everyone who has a Veteran or active duty sailor, soldier, airman, or Marine in his or her family, to protect and defend our rights against "all enemies, foreign and domestic". Every Senator, every Congressman, every President is owned by the people. They were bought with a price. We should never forget that.


SENAA International's only motive for existing is to do our part to protect, defend, and preserve Creator-given human rights for all people, to address the issues facing Indigenous Americans today; protect sacred and burial sites of the Indigenous American tribal nations; and to raise public awareness of those issues; issues that mainstream national and international news media will not mention.

SENAA International is a nonprofit organization, but we are NOT a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. To accept 501(c)(3) status would make us answerable to the U.S. Government in regard to the things that we protest, support, say, write, and do. In short, it would make us a puppet of the U.S. government. SENAA International does not dance to that tune.


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