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Residents waiting outside to be flown to Brandon or Winnipeg from the St. Theresa Point First Nation airport. (Sean Kavanagh/CBC)
Military to Help Evacuate 3 Manitoba First Nations at Risk from Wildfire
Fire prompted evacuation of Wasagamack First Nation, partial evacuations of Garden Hill, St. Theresa Point

CBC News, Canada  -  30 AUG 2017
    The Canadian military will help relocate some 3,700 people forced from their homes by forest fires in northern Manitoba.
    The Department of National Defence will send military planes to get residents out of Wasagamack, Garden Hill and St. Theresa Point First Nations, the department told CBC News in an email statement on Wednesday.
    "The Minister of National Defence has received and approved a request for assistance from our partners at the Department of Indigenous Affairs," the statement reads.
    "The Canadian Armed Forces will provide RCAF air assets to support evacuation efforts in Wasagamack FN community."
    Two Hercules airplanes will fly displaced residents to Winnipeg starting Thursday morning and continuing throughout the day, according to a news release from the Canadian Red Cross.
    The response is part of an agreement between the Red Cross and the federal government to provide disaster relief to Manitoba First Nations.
Emergency shelter in Winnipeg
    But a statement from the department confirmed it will set up a triage centre and emergency shelter in Winnipeg for evacuees....
Photo by Loretta Yerian
Candidates Running for Chairman: David Talayumptewa
Navajo-Hopi Observer  -  29 AUG 2017
    David Talayumptewa is from the village of Kykotsmovi.
    Why do you feel you’re a qualified candidate to run for chairman/vice chairman of the Hopi tribe?
    I have a bachelor’s degree in personnel and industrial relations from Utah State University and a master’s degree from the University of Utah in human resource management. I was also commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve. I’ve worked both on (and off) the reservation for quite a number of years. I’ve worked for the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), working my way up from a business manager to senior executive level of service as the assistant deputy director for administration for the BIE. I monitored a budget of the BIE which hovered around close to a billion dollars. My experience and education has qualified me and prepared me to work on behalf of the Hopi people.
    In your opinion, what are the two biggest issues facing the Hopi tribe?
    In my opinion, number one, is our language. Our language defines who we are as a people. We are slowly but surely losing our language. One of my focuses is going to be to try to regain and retain our Hopi language. If we don’t retain/relearn it, we are eventually going to lose who we are as a Hopi people. With that, potentially lose our entire culture and I can’t allow that to happen. I plan to porpose a full immersion language program for preschool children if I do get elected....  
America Is Losing In Afghanistan to An Enemy That Tried to Surrender
Ryan Grim (twitter.com/RyanGrim), TYT Politics  -  24 AUG 2017
    Ryan Grim recently wrote for The Intercept:
    DID YOU KNOW that shortly after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban tried to surrender?
    For centuries in Afghanistan, when a rival force had come to power, the defeated one would put down their weapons and be integrated into the new power structure — obviously with much less power, or none at all. That’s how you do with neighbors you have to continue to live with. This isn’t a football game, where the teams go to different cities when it’s over. That may be hard for us to remember, because the U.S. hasn’t fought a protracted war on its own soil since the Civil War.
    So when the Taliban came to surrender, the U.S. turned them down repeatedly, in a series of arrogant blunders spelled out in Anand Gopal’s investigative treatment of the Afghanistan war, “No Good Men Among the Living.”
    Only full annihilation was enough for the Bush administration. They wanted more terrorists in body bags. The problem was that the Taliban had stopped fighting, having either fled to Pakistan or melted back into civilian life. Al Qaeda, for its part, was down to a handful of members....  
Greenpeace Responds to DAPL "Eco-Terrorists" Lawsuit
by Jordan Chariton, TYT Politics  -  24 AUG 2017
    Greenpeace is being sued by Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) over Dakota Access pipeline - USA/Corporate world completely insane...
    Jordan interviews Greenpeace activist Travis Nichols about ETP's accusations of "eco-terrorism".  
Photo by SumikoPhoto/iStock
Interior Secretary Zinke Says He Will Shrink Some National Monuments
Zinke confirms some monuments will suffer "boundary adjustments"

by Jason Mark, SIERRA Club - 24 AUG 2017
    BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke admits: he asked the White House to take land away from America’s national monuments. He declined to say which ones, or how much land he was talking about.
    Not so fast, say tribal officials. “Secretary Zinke did not meet the requirements laid out in President Trump's executive order, which directed him to meet with state, local, and tribal governments. He did not meet with any tribal presidents or chairmen, nor did he meet with any local tribal officials,” Willie Grayeyes, chairperson of Utah Diné Bikéyah, a coalition of native nations advocating for Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, wrote in a letter sent Wednesday to administration officials.
    Update: According to a Washington Post report that cites unnamed administration officials, Secretary Zinke's final recommendations urge the president to reduce the size of Bears Ears National Monument, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Zinke's recommendations still have not been made public.
    This morning, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke confirmed that he is recommending to the White House that President Donald Trump downsize some national monuments.
    For months, conservation groups, backcountry hunters and anglers, and community leaders in towns adjacent to national monuments have been anxious about Zinke’s unprecedented review of national monuments created during the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama administrations. While Zinke has not yet made his decisions public, in an interview with the Associated Press the Interior secretary said that he has passed his recommendations to the White House and is calling for unspecified boundary adjustments to what he described as a “handful” of national monuments.
    Conservation organizations and some Native American groups quickly expressed outrage at the prospect that the Trump administration will attempt to shrink some national monuments, and once again complained that Zinke’s review process hasn’t been transparent and inclusive of all points of view.
    “Secretary Zinke did not meet the requirements laid out in President Trump's executive order, which directed him to meet with state, local, and tribal governments. He did not meet with any tribal presidents or chairmen, nor did he meet with any local tribal officials,” Willie Grayeyes, chairperson of Utah Diné Bikéya, a coalition of native nations advocating for Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, wrote in a letter sent Wednesday to administration officials.
    “Any recommendation from Secretary Zinke to shrink national monuments is hypocritical at best and ruinous at worst,” Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune said in a statement issued this morning after the AP report was posted. “Secretary Zinke claims to support public lands, but now we know he’s just one more Trump administration stooge for polluting special interests.” ...
A crew installs a section of a crude oil pipeline for Enbridge Energy. The environmental impact statement is out for another of the Calgary-based pipeline company's projects, a replacement for Line 3 in northern Minnesota.
Report: Enbridge Line 3 Options All Would Have Negative Effect on American Indians
by Mike Hughlett, Star Tribune  -  17 AUG 2017
    The final environmental impact statement for Enbridge's Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project says it is not possible to determine whether the Canadian company's proposed route would be the best option for American Indians in northern Minnesota.
    That's because Enbridge's route and four alternative paths would all have disproportionately negative effects on the bands, according to the report compiled by the state Department of Commerce. The report, released Thursday, also repeats some environmental concerns raised in a draft EIS released in the spring.
    But it does not make a recommendation on which route is best for the $2.9 billion project, just comparisons for regulators to weigh. Still, it is a significant development in Enbridge's nearly three-year quest to replace its 1960s vintage pipeline that runs from northwestern Minnesota to Superior, Wis.
    After the draft EIS was released in May, at least four of Minnesota's Ojibwe bands submitted comments to the commerce department opposing the proposed Line 3 replacement options. The bands are against any new Line 3 pipeline....  
Shannon Rivers protested Trump at the Phoenix rally on Tuesday. For Rivers, a tribal citizen of the Akimel O’odham of the Gila River Indian Community, the alliance between indigenous people and Latinos is personal. “Many [Latinos] are our family,” he said.
Photo by Jenni Monet.
“This Is Our Land”: Indigenous Rights Activists Respond to White Supremacist Rhetoric
At the Trump rally Tuesday, indigenous and Latino rights advocates stood together to protest racial inequality in Arizona’s justice system. For these groups, facing militarized police is nothing new.  

by Jenni Monet, Yes! Magazine  -  24 AUG 2017
    It came with a loud boom followed by a second one—a series of smoke bombs lodged toward a crowd of protesters in downtown Phoenix Tuesday night.
    “You guys better get going before the gas starts,” said a local police officer wearing a helmet, his Plexiglas face shield flipped upward atop his head.
    “Wait … What gas?” said a young cyclist standing nearby. Then he asked again with more urgency. “What gas?!”
    Half a city block away, a peaceful gathering had erupted in rapid but short-lived chaos after, police say, someone lodged a burning projectile at an officer, and in response, police fired back. The city’s police chief said pepper balls, tear gas, and other nonlethal chemicals were used. The drama disrupted what had otherwise been an hours-long nonviolent demonstration held by many protesting President Donald J. Trump. He chose Phoenix to host a campaign-style rally, his first event since the deadly clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    For the indigenous people who attended the rally, this police response was a familiar narrative.
    “The historical trauma is still happening today. We’re still suffering but in different ways,” said Anthony Thosh Collins, a citizen of the Onk Akimel O’odham with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community....  
A view of the Kayenta Solar Facility, which became operational in May and produces enough electricity to power 13,000 Navajo homes.  NTUA
Navajo Solar Plant Breaks New Ground
by Emery Cowan, Sun Staff Reporter, Arizona Daily Sun  -  23 AUG 2017
    In May of this year, in the shadows of sandstone towers near Monument Valley, an array of 120,000 photovoltaic solar panels fired up for the first time.
    In doing so, the Kayenta Solar Facility became the first utility-scale solar project to go operational on the Navajo Nation, producing enough electricity to power about 13,000 Navajo homes.
    The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, which owns the solar plant, touted the project as a major clean energy advancement on a reservation long known for fossil fuel development.
    Before the solar plant, “the green economy didn't exist” on the Navajo Nation, said Walter Haase, general manager of NTUA, which is a tribal enterprise. After years of empty promises on renewable energy projects, Haase said the array that spans 200 acres shows that such projects can, in fact, be completed on Navajo land.
    “This is a game changer,” he said.
    It’s the type of glowing assessment one would expect from a person in Haase’s position. But analysis from energy experts familiar with the solar plant, as well as the examples provided by Haase himself, suggests the array is in fact a significant advancement for renewable energy development on the Navajo Nation and, more broadly, tribal land...
When Heritage Equals Hate: The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States
ACLU on YouTube  -  24 AUG 2017
    Streamed Video
    Watch live as Jeffery Robinson, the ACLU’s top racial justice expert, discusses the dark history of Confederate symbols across the country and outlines what we can do to learn from our past and combat systemic racism.
Troubled Waters: Tennessee Families Stand Up for a Clean Environment
by Keith Griffith, Equal Voice News - 20 AUG 2017
    CLAIRFIELD, Tenn. — On the northern slope of Cooper Ridge – a long, low-slung rise in Tennessee’s Cumberland Mountains – sits the 127-year-old Hatfield Cemetery, a well-maintained strip of flower-adorned plots where gravestones older than a century sit next to still-fresh graves.
    Bright pink ribbons hang in the tree branches surrounding the cemetery, marking 100 feet from the burial grounds. Beyond them is planned one of the largest surface coal mines in Tennessee’s history. The mine will soon surround the cemetery. On an afternoon in May, a swath of clear-cut logging was visible through the trees, and heavy machinery could be heard over the sound of chirping birds.
    The Cooper Ridge mine will span a total of roughly 1,400 acres of land, both above and below ground, stretching from the southern tip of the ridge where it will encircle Hatfield Cemetery to the northern tip, where it will sit right above the Clairfield Elementary School, which serves 92 students....
Protest the Approval of the Tesoro Refinery Merger/Expansion – SIGN THE LETTER!
Social350  -  20 AUG 2017
    Hundreds of thousands marched on April 29th across the US and the world calling for solutions to the growing global climate crisis. In Los Angeles, demonstrators converged near a major petroleum refinery and two major ports in support of the nearby vulnerable communities calling for protections for their health and safety. Unfortunately, not two weeks later, behind closed doors, the regional Air Quality District gave the Tesoro merger the environmental go-ahead, ignoring the pleas of thousands. Sign this petition to register your disapproval!  
CNN's Zakaria Slams Elite for Reaction to Trump, Charlottesville
Jacqueline Thomsen, CNN, on The Hill  -  20 AUG 2017
    CNN’s Fareed Zakaria blasted the nation's elite on Sunday for a “mealy-mouthed” reaction to President Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville.
    Zakaria said that most of the country reacted “swiftly and strongly” to Trump’s comments that “both sides” were to blame for violence at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., but that GOP politicians and executives fell short.
    “The delayed, qualified and often mealy-mouthed reaction of many in America’s leadership class tell a disturbing story about the country’s elites and the reason we are living in an age of populist rebellion,” Zakaria said.
    Zakaria hit Republican leaders for having “suddenly gone mute” over Trump’s comments and not condemning the leader of their party.
And while he said that business leaders had done the right thing in dropping out of Trump’s advisory councils, Zakaria questioned if other CEOs would have spoken out if Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier hadn’t publicly resigned first.
    “Some jumped ship when it was clear there was really no alternative,” Zakaria said....  
Shoshone Ruby Valley Nevada 1868
American Indian Genocide Museum — Racism towards IndiansTraced to Perversion of Bible
by Steve Melendez, Censored News  -  17 AUG 2017
    I recently read this chief's speech about George Washington and something just didn't seem right. It was published in Vol. 4 of Trail Ride Magazine under the title "When God Goes to War". I write this open letter to the author and editor of the magazine, Dr. Elliot Johnson, after reading the following chief's speech:
    " I am Chief, and ruler over my tribes. My influence extends to the waters of the great lakes, and to the far blue mountains. I have traveled a long and weary path, that I might see the young warrior (George Washington, from the day he had horses shot out from underneath him) of the Great Battle. It was on the day when the white man's blood mixed with the streams of our forest, that I first beheld this chief. I called to my young men and said, 'Mark you tall and daring warrior? He is not of the redcoat tribe---he hath an Indian's wisdom, and his warriors fight as we do---himself is alone exposed. Quick, let your aim be certain, and he dies. Our rifles were leveled, rifles which, but for him, knew not how to miss--'twas all in vain, a power mightier far than we, shielded him from harm. He cannot die in battle. I am old, and soon shall be gathered to the great council fire of my fathers in the land of shades, but ere I go, there is something bids me speak in the voice of prophecy. Listen! The Great Spirit protects that man, and guides his destinies---he will become the chief of nations, and a people yet unborn will hail him as the founder of a mighty empire."
    I emailed this speech to the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington and this was their reply: "This speech has proven to likely be a myth or legend. There is no solid proof of where the origins of that speech came from. It is published in some books, but without any citations, it is not able to be proven really one way or the other."...
    Dr. Johnson, did you know that there are those out there teaching hatred of Indians? And did you know that they are using the Bible to do it? They are teaching that the cowboys are the Chosen People and that the Indians are the Canaanites. I know that is hard to believe but they are also teaching that America is the cowboy's Promised Land---never mind that the Promised Land had boundaries. I say this because I notice that on every other page of your magazine, you have written at the bottom of the page, the slogan, "A Cowboy's Journey Into the Promised Land" and I hope you don't literally believe that....
    Unfortunately, anyone who teaches that the American Indians should have been exterminated as God commanded the Canaanites to be, is teaching a twisted interpretation of the Bible which amounts to white supremacy and nullifies the Great Commission. As a matter of fact, this false teaching is so embedded in American history that Adolph Hitler used it to justify the genocide of the Jews during world war II. He said, speaking of the Jews and the Slavs, "The natives will be our Redskins".
    As Nelson Mandela said, "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…People must learn to hate …". Hitler learned well, but he learned well from the Jezebel nature of American history where land theft and murder were legalized. The world witnessed justice being stood on its head at Standing Rock where a people who have lived on the land for thousands of years and who had a treaty with the United States were treated as trespassers. The sad thing is that it could all be traced back to the false teachers and their perversion of the Bible....  
Trump & Mattis Mull Plan to pay Erik Prince 10B yr to Privatize Afghan War
by Ray S. Cline, Change.org  -  18 AUG 2017
    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said administration officials are mulling the proposal by businessman and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince to surge private security contractors into Afghanistan to take over duties currently performed by U.S. troops.
    “The strategic decisions have not been made, but — I don’t know how to put this — I think that’s all I want to say,” Mattis told reporters Monday at the Pentagon. “The strategic decision has not been made.”
    The defense secretary added, “It’s part of the options being considered. And the president’s open to the advice of the secretary of state, and myself and the director of the CIA,” referring to Rex Tillerson at State and Mike Pompeo at the Central Intelligence Agency.
    Prince, who founded the private security firm Blackwater that was later renamed Xe Services and then Academi, first shared his idea for Afghanistan in a May 31 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, “The MacArthur Model for Afghanistan,” which called for consolidating authority into a viceroy who would lead coalition efforts in the country....
This Week in History: Navajo Code Talkers Day
People's World  -  14 AUG 2017
    Each year, August 14th is recognized as Navajo Code Talkers Day in gratefulness for the role native Navajo speakers played during World War II.
    The term “code talkers” is strongly associated with bilingual Navajo speakers specially recruited during World War II by the Marines to serve in their standard communications units in the Pacific Theater. Code talking, however, was pioneered by Cherokee and Choctaw Indians during World War I.
    Philip Johnston, a civil engineer for the city of Los Angeles, proposed the use of the Navajo language to the U.S. Marine Corps at the beginning of World War II. Johnston, a World War I veteran, was raised on the Navajo reservation as the son of a Christian missionary to the Navajo. He was one of the rare non-Navajo who spoke the language fluently.
    Navajo has a complex grammar, and is not mutually intelligible enough with even its closest relatives within the Na-Dene linguistic family. It was still an unwritten language, and Johnston thought Navajo could satisfy the military requirement for an undecipherable code. Navajo was spoken only on the Navajo lands of the American Southwest. Its syntax and tonal qualities, not to mention dialects, made it unintelligible to anyone without extensive exposure and training. One estimate indicates that at the outbreak of World War II, fewer than 30 non-Navajo could understand the language....
Signs left by protesters demonstrating against the Energy Transfer Partners Dakota Access oil pipeline sit at the gate of a construction access road where construction has been stopped for several weeks due to the protests near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, U.S. September 6, 2016.  REUTERS/Andrew Cullen
Security Company Denies Providing Illegal Services During DAPL Protests
by John Hageman, West Fargo Pioneer  -  14 AUG 2017
    BISMARCK—A firm contracted by the company that built the Dakota Access Pipeline disputed last week the allegation it was providing "security and private investigative services" during the monthslong protests against the project.
    North Carolina-based TigerSwan's answer to a lawsuit from the North Dakota Private Investigative and Security Board was filed Thursday, Aug. 10, about about six weeks after the board's complaint was filed in Burleigh County District Court. The regulatory board accused TigerSwan of operating in the state without a license and sought an injunction.
    Providing private investigative or private security services without a current license is a Class B misdemeanor.
    An Energy Transfer Partners spokeswoman previously said TigerSwan was no longer working in North Dakota on behalf of the company. Dallas-based ETP was the lead company building the 1,172-mile pipeline carrying oil from western North Dakota to Illinois....
Exclusive: Stonewall Jackson's Great-Great-Grandsons Call for Removal of Confederate Monuments
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!  -  17 AUG 2017
    As President Trump faces growing outrage over his response to the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, we bring you an exclusive: an interview with the great-great-grandsons of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. At least 1,500 symbols of the Confederacy can be found in public spaces across the country. But now a number of the monuments are coming down. Calls for the removal of the statues are even coming from the descendants of the leaders of the Confederacy. We speak with two of the great-great-grandsons of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. Jack and Warren Christian have just written an open letter to the mayor of Richmond calling for the removal of the Stonewall Jackson statue in Richmond. They write, "Our sense of justice leads us to believe that removing the Stonewall statue and other monuments should be part of a larger project of actively mending the racial disparities that hundreds of years of white supremacy have wrought."...
Flowers, supporters, family, and mourners in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the site where Heather Heyer was killed and many others were wounded when a white supremacist demonstrator deliberately sped his vehicle through a group of counter-demonstrators who opposed the White supremacist, Nazi, neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan agenda. Some Republican elected officials and several state legislators propose legalizing the vehicular murder of peaceful demonstrators.
The Republicans Who Want to Legalize Running Over Protesters
by Catherine Rampell, Opinion writer, The Washington Post  -  17 AUG 2017
    Last weekend in Charlottesville, a driver mowed down peaceful protesters and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. The act was reminiscent of recent terrorist attacks across Europe committed in the name of the Islamic State, which has urged followers to use vehicles to kill enemies.
    As far as we know, the alleged killer in Charlottesville didn’t get instructions from the Islamic State. As far as we know, he didn’t even receive marching orders from any of the neo-Nazi groups with which he sympathized.
    But he also didn’t need to turn to either of these factions for inspiration. He could just have easily have gotten the idea from a Republican state legislature.
    This year, Republican lawmakers in at least six states have proposed bills designed to protect drivers who strike protesters. The first bill was introduced in North Dakota in January, and similar bills have since come under consideration in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Rhode Island.
    They were joined by other states trying to discourage protests — typically relating to Black Lives Matter, the Dakota Access Pipeline or other left-leaning causes — that sometimes obstruct traffic.
    The North Dakota bill would shield drivers from civil and criminal liability. The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Keith Kempenich, perversely suggested that shielding drivers who kill protesters was a necessary anti-terrorism measure....
Law enforcement officials watch people on the other side of a barricaded bridge where people are hoping to block the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Thursday, October 27, 2016.
The Public Pulse: Nebraska Should Prepare Itself for an Extended Keystone XL Protest
Omaha World-Herald  -  17 AUG 2017
    Over the past year, thousands of my fellow citizens in North Dakota worked to resolve the Dakota Access Pipeline protest at Standing Rock.
    I worked on a fundraising effort to pay for cold weather gear for law enforcement officials standing on the line in Morton County. None of this essential gear was budgeted and was outside of the federal reimbursement programs. Private donations of nearly $100,000 were raised to cover these very costly unbudgeted needs. North Dakota also incurred $32 million in policing, legal and cleanup costs.
    These protests took place on federal Corps of Engineers land. Last week, the federal government rejected our state’s request for reimbursement....  
Mr Schwartz has been a fierce critic of the billionaire property magnate since he threw his hat into the ring for the presidential race.  AFP/Getty Images
Art of the Deal Co-author Predicts Donald Trump Is about to Resign
'Trump's presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives till the end of the year. More likely resigns by fall if not sooner,' says Tony Schwartz.

Maya Oppenheim, Independent  -  17 AUG 2017
    The co-author of Donald Trump’s memoir The Art of the Deal has predicted the US President is going to resign by autumn if not sooner.
    Tony Schwartz, who claims to have ghostwritten the 1987 best-selling business book, argued Mr Trump is on the brink of stepping down and said he would be shocked if his presidency lasts until the end of the year.
    Mr Schwartz, who has been a vocal critic of President Trump and spent 18 months interviewing and shadowing him in the 1980's, suggested he would negotiate a deal for immunity in the Russia investigation in exchange for giving up his seat in the Oval Office.
    He said: “The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and Congress leave him no choice”.
    “Trump's presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives till the end of the year. More likely resigns by fall, if not sooner.”...
GOP Sen. Bob Corker: Trump Hasn't Demonstrated 'Stability', 'Competence'
The Daily Beast  -  17 AUG 2017
    Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) delivered a stinging rebuke of President Trump on Thursday, telling reporters in his home state that the president has yet to show the “stability” or “competence” necessary to be a successful leader. “He also recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation,” Corker said. “He has not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great and what it is today. And he’s got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that.” Corker, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said “radical changes” are needed in the White House. Corker has not been afraid to criticize the Trump administration, and was previously in line to be chosen as secretary of state....
On his website, Cohen said "It is morally and legally incumbent upon me, based on my oath of office, to introduce articles of impeachment." (Images: MGN / Cohen's Twitter page)
TN Congressman Calls for President Trump's Impeachment after Charlottesville Response
by WTVC-TV, Chattanooga, TN - 17 AUG 2017

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tennessee 9th District Congressman and ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, announced on Thursday that he will be introducing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump following the President’s comments on the horrific events in Charlottesville, Virginia....

"I believe the President should be impeached and removed from office. Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen.”...
Hundreds of victims have come forward with stories of abuse from Catholic clergy. Estimates of others victimized may remain faceless and unaccounted following the settlement of the lawsuit.
(Photo: Terry Long Fox/For the Tribune)
Montana Reservations Reportedly 'Dumping Grounds' for Predatory Priests

by Seaborn Larson, Great Falls Tribune - 17 AUG 2017
    HAYS – For decades, even lifetimes, the Catholic Church refused to turn in priests with known pasts of sexually abusing children, women and men. The story is known in as many corners of the world as the Catholic Church exists, including Montana's two dioceses.
    In the Pacific Northwest, however, the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order have been accused of using Indian Reservations as their “dumping grounds” for the worst recidivist priests accused of sexually abusing children throughout the 1900s. Here, church officials reportedly determined predatory priests could remain undetected. Here, the church that acted as an anchor for the communities, and the victims lived with the abuse in silence.
    Attorney Vito de la Cruz said Montana reservations were no different: They were the church's rural and remote sites for hiding predatory priests. Cruz’s Seattle law firm has represented victims from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana, and he said the systematic issue is told from church documents revealed in cases already settled, and the active one against the Great Falls-Billings Diocese.
    "I think the evidence points to that," Cruz told the Tribune. "Those who had problems in respect to abusing kids, it's easy to hide in the reservations; people won't complain much, it's isolated there, and there are massively disproportionate balances of power."...
2013 march to stop Arecibo incinerator
Incinerating the Future: Austerity Crisis Threatens Wetlands and Economic Opportunity in Puerto Rico
by Adriana Gonzalez, Sierra Club  -  14 AUG 2017
    Last month on our blog we introduced you to Sierra Club de Puerto Rico, where our newest chapter is in solidarity with allies on the Island of Enchantment in the fight against economic austerity. The pressure from Congress to repay decades-old debts to international financiers is putting Puerto Ricans in the impossible position of having to sacrifice the incredible natural beauty that makes our island so special.
    Nowhere is this more clear than in Arecibo, a municipality in the north coast of Puerto Rico with a population of about 90,000 residents and 171 square miles. The biggest wetland system in Puerto Rico, the Caño Tiburones, is located in Arecibo and is home to over 125 species of birds. This wetland system is crucial for local fishermen, hunters and the local tourist economy. Arecibo has also two forest reserves, including the sub tropical Rio Abajo forest reserve where a population of the critically endangered Puerto Rican parrot has been monitored for years. The town of Arecibo is also the host of cave systems and cultural sites such as the Arecibo Observatory, once the largest radio telescope in the world.
    Despite all this natural beauty, biodiversity and the economic benefits from tourism that this special place draws, Arecibo is at risk. A private waste management company wants to build a trash incinerator there that would burn 2100 tons of waste per day. Trash burning incinerators not only produce greenhouse gas emissions but also toxins such as lead that affect human health. Emissions from incinerators are loaded with CO2, acid gases and nanoparticles of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and chromium. Proponents of the plant argue that it will help both to solve Puerto Rico’s waste disposal challenges and supply energy to the island, but incineration is one of the most expensive and polluting ways to address waste, as well as one of the most expensive and polluting ways to produce electricity. The proposed plant in Arecibo will generate only 77 megawatts of energy per day, only 2% of the total energy consumed daily in Puerto Rico. This plant would not convert waste to energy - it would just be a waste of energy....  
At the gates of the court about 50 members of various tribes gathered, who celebrated the ruling as “a victory of the rights of the original peoples.”
Victory for Indigenous Peoples as Brazilian Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit
from el Periodico, Translated by Earth First! Journal  -  16 AUG 2017
    The Brazilian Supreme Court today rejected a lawsuit filed by the state of Mato Grosso demanding compensation for territories that in 1961 it was forced to cede for the constitution of indigenous reserves.
    The eight judges present at the court session unanimously concluded that the Constitution considers that lands that have traditionally been occupied by tribes that have never abandoned them can be ceded by the State to their “original” owners.
    The case referred to the Xingu National Park, which extends over a region of 27,000 square kilometers that, since pre-Portuguese colonization, is inhabited by dozens of indigenous ethnic groups.
    This area was defined as an indigenous reserve in 1961 and the regional government of Mato Grosso claimed that as “owner” of the land, it should be compensated for the decision of the State that transferred ownership to the Indians.
    The denial of this claim was based on several articles of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 already reflected in the previous ones, they deal with the indigenous issues and they establish the possibility of a cession of lands to the tribes that have occupied them for centuries.... 
Louisiana indigenous leader Cherri Foytlin, visiting man camps in North Dakota: COURTESY/Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
‘Water Blessing and Healing Walk’ to Increase Awareness of Pipeline Danger
by Talli Nauman, Native Sun News Today, Health & Environment Editor  -  16 AUG 2017
    NEW TOWN, N. D. –– On Aug. 9, the North Dakota Public Service Commission subpoenaed representatives of Dakota Access Pipeline to attend an initial hearing in an unprecedented investigation of the private company that has forced its oil transportation infrastructure on the Great Sioux Nation.
    The PSC set Aug. 17 as the formal hearing date for representatives of Energy Transfer Partners and associates to answer questions of misconduct before the commission, meeting at the state capitol in Bismarck.
    The DAPL representatives are also fighting federal charges lodged by the Standing Rock, Cheyenne River and Yankton Sioux nations over the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ alleged failure to adequately consult tribal governments on cultural resources and water protection in permitting the pipeline construction.
    In addition to those cases, the state’s North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board is conducting a civil suit against Energy Transfer Partners for the failure of the corporation’s private security company, TigerSwan, to comply with rules for registration and operation, which resulted in the arrests of hundreds of pipeline opponents during 2016....  
Vice's Video About White Supremacists in Charlottesville
Vice on Boingboing  -  15 AUG 2017
    Kottke says: "This is perhaps the best on-the-ground view of what went down in Charlottesville over the weekend. It’s graphic in spots. Prepare to get angry and sad and frustrated and scared."
    On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By Saturday evening three people were dead — one protester, and two police officers — and many more injured.
    “VICE News Tonight” correspondent Elle Reeve went behind the scenes with white nationalist leaders, including Christopher Cantwell, Robert Ray, David Duke, and Matthew Heimbach — as well as counter-protesters. VICE News Tonight also spoke with residents of Charlottesville, members of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Charlottesville Police.
    From the neo-Nazi protests at Emancipation Park to Cantwell’s hideaway outside of Virginia, “VICE News Tonight” provides viewers with exclusive, up close and personal access inside the unrest.
    UPDATE 8/15/2017:Independent documentary photographer Daniel Hosterman wrote: "I think the Vice piece did a reasonable job showing on very small slice of what happened in Charlottesville and in the typical Vice, sensationalist style. It definitely showed a lot of the extremist language and ideology of the white supremacist contingent and showed how they can be terrifying. Those of us on the ground -- who have been to events like these before -- already knew that.
    What the Vice video did not show was the nature of the folks resisting these white supremacists, the utter disregard of law enforcement for the safety of the citizens of Charlottesville, and the really powerful displays of bravery I witnessed over those couple of days.
    I've got a lot of thoughts on a series of photographs at my Instagram account (@dhosterman), and many more I'm still trying to process now that I'm home. I really appreciate your reporting and just want to be sure this Vice piece doesn't become your canonical view of the events in Charlottesville....  
Stand In Solidarity with Charlottesville - Find an Event
Indivisible  -  13 AUG 2017
    This weekend, hate groups and domestic terrorists of all stripes went to Charlottesville, VA to push their hateful message of white supremacy, fascism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry.
    When they got there they waged violence on unarmed anti-racists, killing one and injuring many others. We mourn for the life that was lost, and we will honor all those under attack by congregating against hate in our own communities.
    Tonight and tomorrow, Indivisible groups, along with our friends at Women’s March, Democracy for America, Working Families Party, Resist Here,...  
"It’s all going to end," writes Singer in the wake of hate-fueled white supremacist gathering and an attack of domestic terrorism against anti-racist counterprotesters that left one person dead and many others injured in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. "The lie you told yourself about being special. So you huddle together with others just like you, shivering and crying and blowing snot onto each others shoulders pretending that it’s a rally for white pride. It’s really just the world’s biggest pity party for boys too scared to be men and own up."
Dear White Supremacists: There Will Be No Race War
by Steven Singer, CommonDreams  -  13 AUG 2017
    This one goes out to all the white boys.
    Not ALL the white boys.
    Just the ones who think being “white” and being a “boy” means the world owes them something.
    Cause I’m white, too, and I know it doesn’t make me any better than anyone else.
    But not you.
    You think your lack of pigmentation is a special sign of your supremacy. As if being pale was synonymous for God’s chosen.
    Well let me tell you something, white boy. God didn’t choose you. You did.
    What you take for superiority is just a misguided attempt at self-esteem.
    I’m a snowflake? YOU’RE the snowflake. Same color. Same consistency. In the first warm breeze, you’ll melt.
    I’m talking to YOU, white boy. All of you.
    All those melanin-starved faces wearing matching eggshell t-shirts and fat-ass khakis.
    All those brave, young men holding Tiki torches and an inflated sense of self worth.
    All the protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, so fearless they can spray mace on those they disagree with, so bold they can throw punches so long as they know the police won’t hold them accountable, so courageous they can drive a car into unarmed counter-protestors, so brave that they can’t even call themselves what they are: Nazis, the Klan, white supremacists.
    You hide behind “Alt Right” as if the rest of us can’t figure out who you really are.
    Surprise! We see you!
    We see your twisted lips, scrunched eyes and flaring nostrils. Your hood-starved heads and sweat-gelled haircuts. Your hate warped faces spouting reheated leftovers from WWII.
    My grandparents fought people like you.
    They dressed in army green and hopped the ocean to pound people like you into the ground.
    They took your goose-stepping forebears and blasted them into bits. They buried your intellectual precursors under the ashes of their eternal Reich.
    And for my grandfathers’ sacrifice, I rarely had to deal with people like you, myself. Not outright.
    It’s not that people like you didn’t exist. Your attitudes and beliefs still percolated just beneath the surface of so many frustrated white boys.
    The difference was that they were too smart to actually give voice to the darkness in their hearts.
    It didn’t stop them from acting on it. They just wouldn’t admit why.
    Segregation, red lining, broken windows policing, and a plethora of others. It was all polite, all deniable, all just the colorblind way we do things around here.
    But that doesn’t really work anymore, does it?
    Times are changing.
    The face of America is changing. And it’s increasingly brown.
    It’s got curly hair and unexpected features. It’s fed by different foods and nourished by different beliefs and customs. And it’s often called by a name that doesn’t derive from Europe.
    People are starting to speak up. They’re starting to call you out.
    And you don’t like it.
    More than that you’re scared. Terrified.
    It’s all going to end. The lie you told yourself about being special.
    So you huddle together with others just like you, shivering and crying and blowing snot onto each others shoulders pretending that it’s a rally for white pride. It’s really just the world’s biggest pity party for boys too scared to be men and own up.
    You’re brave when you’re in numbers, aren’t you? With numbers or with a gun.
    Then you can say whatever you want. You can pretend whatever racial fantasy will protect your fragile little egos.
    You’ll whine and boast and imagine you’re winning some kind of war for survival. But we know what you’re really doing.
    You’re on your knees. You’re begging for a confrontation.
    You’ll do anything to provoke it.
    It’s your only hope.
    Push them. Prod them. Insult them until they fight.
    Bring them down to your level.
    Prove your moral superiority by stoking a race war.
    Because you can battle human bodies, but you can’t stop ideas.
    You can’t triumph over equality, empathy and love.
    You can’t stop the tick of time. You can just hope to reset the clock.
    Well, I’ve got bad news for you.
    There will be no race war.
    Not now. Not ever.
    Oh, there may be fighting.
    You’ll try to make it happen. But it won’t be white vs. black.
    It won’t be race vs. race.
    It will be your tiny minority of cowards and fools vs. the majority of the rest of us.
    Do you really think people like me will fight on your side?
    Do you think I’ll stand by you just because the shade of my epidermis matches yours?
    Hell No!
    I’ll fight with my black brothers and sisters if it comes to it.
    I’ll fight on the side of equality, fairness and love.
    I’ll do like my grandfathers and smash you into the ground. We all will.
    But I’d rather not fight at all.
    There need be no violence.
    And there won’t be.
    Unless you force it.
    You see, you can’t make a race war happen.
    All you can do is unite the rest of us against you.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

White Supremacy Is White America's Legacy and Our Responsibility to Defeat
by Jack Daly, Medium  -  12 AUG 2017
    By the time you read this sentence, if not by the time I have finished writing it, you have likely seen the images. Polo shirt clad white men wielding flickering tiki torches, marching through Charlottesville, Virginia, shouting “white lives matter” and “we will not be replaced”. You will have seen men in baseball hats waving Confederate and Nazi flags, men in bicycle helmets clutching makeshift shields, men in camouflage toting assault rifles. All decrying “anti-whiteness” and excoriating minorities, immigrants, Jews.
    Worst of all, you will have seen car plowing into counter-protesters, flinging people into the air, before cowardly fleeing. An act of domestic terrorism unleashed barely one hundred miles from the nation’s capital.
    This is the emboldened face of the far-right, neo-fascist, racist, white supremacist underbelly of America. We should all be disturbed and sickened and outraged by this, but we cannot be surprised. White supremacy and bigotry are not new phenomena nor confined to the province of a white trash fringe. These beliefs are a well-treaded legacy of the American story, having always lain in plain sight for anyone willing to see....  
Rescue personnel help injured people after a car ran into a large group of protesters after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA
“I wonder how many protesters I could run over.” GOP Has Openly Advocated Road Violence
The country reacted with horror after a Nazi demonstrator mowed down protestors with a car. But Republicans have been attacking protestors in roads all year, with both violent rhetoric and legislation.

by Matthew Chapman, Shareblue  -  13 AUG 2017
    The deadly events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday have rocked the entire nation.
As neo-Nazis protested the removal of Confederate monuments and clashed with locals and police in Emancipation Park, one man violently mowed down counterprotestors with his car, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others. The perpetrator, James Alex Fields, Jr., is being charged with murder.
    The reaction across the country was immediate outrage from all corners. Democrats and Republicans alike decried the violence — though Donald Trump could barely bring himself to do so even partway.
But Republican condemnations ring hollow, given that many in the party have for months openly advocated running down protestors with cars....  
Energy Transfer Partners Caught Creating FAKE Pro-pipeline Groups

Dallas Goldtooth, Facebook  -  10 AUG 2017
    Energy Transfer Partners caught creating fake pro-pipeline groups to disseminate misinformation about water protectors! They used the same actor to pose as a "local" against two different pipeline fights!  
Toxic Tour of the Bakken Oil Formation - Stop at Man Camp in Williston, ND
Indigenous Environmental Network  -  10 AUG 2017
    "We have to stop this foolish line of [thinking] that says we either have to destroy our planet or live in the Stone Age. That's just silly...We have to invest in solutions."
    "...there's so much complexity in terms of what's happening here this isn't just an environmental issue, it's an issue of indigenous sovereignty, it's an issue of violence against women, it's an issue of communities' self-determination, as well as environmental health, and biodiversity..."  
Maud Swift Bear, Rose Long Face, Ernest White Thunder, and Dora Brave Bull were among the first students to arrive at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School on Oct. 6, 1879, and are all buried in the cemetery.
‘Those Kids Never Got to Go Home’
Nearly 200 children died and are buried at the former Carlisle Indian School. Now the Rosebud Sioux want to reclaim their ancestors.

by Jeff Gammage, Staff Writer, Philly News  -  13 MAR 2016
    CARLISLE, PA — They want the bones of their children back.
    They want the remains of the boys and girls who were taken from their American Indian families in the West, spirited a thousand miles to the East, and, when they died not long after arrival, were buried here in the fertile Pennsylvania soil.
    The brevity of those lives, and the effort of a South Dakota tribe to reclaim them now, spring from a turn-of-the-century episode of forced assimilation and cultural destruction — one that continues to haunt and torment the Rosebud Sioux....
Charles Fox / Staff Photographer
Native Americans, Mark Soldier Wolf and White Eagle at right are part of the visiting Northern Arapaho delegation at the former Carlisle Indian Industrial School.
Army Begins Unearthing Remains of Children Who Died at Carlisle Indian School
by Jeff Gammage, Staff Writer, PhillyNews  -  08 AUG 2017

CARLISLE, Pa. — Nelson White Eagle, gray and stiff at 78, needed time to make his way across the wet grass to the graves of the children, but when he got there, he didn’t hesitate:

The Northern Arapaho elder sang — a song of gratitude and honor, of thanks and remembrance and healing.

No answer came from the rows of white headstones in the cemetery on the grounds of the former Carlisle Indian Industrial School, now the campus of the Army War College. And none was expected.

“I felt better after I sang the song,” White Eagle said. “We need to hang on to one another, love one another.”

He arrived on the grounds Monday, joined by about 15 other tribe members, come from Wyoming on a mission both sacred and sorrowful: to reclaim the remains of three Northern Arapaho children who died at the school, and who lie among nearly 200 native students lost in a brutal, turn-of-the-century experiment in forced assimilation...  
In this Aug. 14, 2015, file photo, water flows through a series of sediment retention ponds built to reduce heavy metal and chemical contaminants from the Gold King Mine wastewater accident in the spillway about a quarter mile downstream from the mine outside Silverton, Colo. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said Aug. 4, 2017 that he will consider paying for economic damages from the spill, something the EPA previously said it could not do because of laws protecting the government from lawsuits. His comments came during a tour of the mine on the eve of the second anniversary of the spill. (Brennan Linsley, File/Associated Press)
Utah Seeking $1.9 billion from EPA Over Mine-waste Spill
by Dan Elliott, AP, The Washington Post  -  08 AUG 2017
    Utah is asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for $1.9 billion in damages after the EPA inadvertently triggered a multi-state spill from an old gold mine in Colorado, the Utah Attorney General’s Office confirmed Tuesday.
    The state filed the claim in February but never publicly announced it, said Dan Burton, a spokesman for the attorney general. Word of the claim first surfaced Friday when the EPA made a passing reference to it in a news release.
    It is by far the largest known claim stemming from the August 2015 spill from the inactive Gold King Mine in southwestern Colorado, and it brings the total to at least $2.3 billion.
    The Navajo Nation filed a claim for $162 million and the state of New Mexico sought $130 million.
    Burton initially declined to say what Utah’s claim included or how state officials arrived at the $1.9 billion figure but said details would be released later.
    “It’s a function of looking at the damages, and the cost of cleanup and the long-term maintenance in the area,” he said....  
Greece: Networks of Resistance Conference
Part 1 - ZAD, Bure, Hambach Forest

Unicorn Riot  -  10 AUG 2017
    Athens, Greece – In the summer of 2017, folks in Athens organized the Networks of Resistance: 1st European Local Struggles Conference to “create an open source platform” to expand upon and share the experiences, knowledge, and ideas that have arisen from organically created resistance encampments currently building new alternatives outside of capitalism and nation-states. The two-day conference was held in the self-organized Embros Theater, which is a squatted ex-factory in the Psiri District of Athens.
    Navigating through the dynamics of building strong grassroots movements that impact radical change is a arduous task. The resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in the United States was monumental, but it didn’t stop the project nor the flow of oil. In Europe, resistance to development and fossil fuel extraction projects continues to grow in waves, similar to the USA, and like the resistance camps around Standing Rock, autonomous experiments of building an alternative society outside of capitalism and void of consumerism and hierarchy have existed for years now....
Water Protector Alert!
Sacred Stone Camp, Facebook  -  08 AUG 2017
    Water Protector alert! Construction on the Enbridge Line 3 is underway in Superior, Wisconsin even though they do not have all the permits for Minnesota! #StopLine3
    Enbridge pipeline is currently being laid in the ground right outside of Duluth/Superior. Let's work together to stop construction immediately. Please share to build awareness/momentum against Line 3 & Line 66.
    Location of current construction: 7127-7199 WI-35, Superior, WI 54880
“I’m Very Scared and I’m a Sad Mom”: Commerce City Residents Testify at Suncor Refinery Expansion Hearing
Unicorn Riot  -  09 AUG 2017
    Commerce City, CO – On Wednesday evening, August 2, 2017, over 100 residents of Commerce City, Colorado, filled the Suncor Energy refinery public hearing for Suncor’s request for modifying their permits (PDF) to allow for more emissions. Unicorn Riot livestreamed the hearing (full video embedded below).
    According to the ‘Notice of Public Comment Hearing’ (PDF) published on June 20, 2017, on the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission website, there was already a “preliminary determination of approval for modifications to the Title V Permit for the Suncor Energy Refinery Plants 1 and 3.”
    This public hearing was not initiated by Commerce City’s government, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), nor Suncor, it only happened because the Cross Community Coalition, with and through its counsel Earthjustice, submitted a request for a public comment hearing (PDF) before the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission.
    According to the request for the public hearing,
    The Suncor Refinery (previously under other ownership) has been found to have repeatedly violated its air pollution permits, and has been subject to numerous enforcement actions as a result....  
Sacred Stone Camp  -  10 AUG 2017
Worker accused of profiling Native American couple no longer employed by Fresh Market

by Ashley Nerbovig, Missoulian  -  08 AUG 2017
    Missoula Fresh Market said an employee accused of discriminating against a Native American couple in a video viewed more than 100,000 times no longer works for the company.
    Shawn Madman and his girlfriend, Tenisha Oldman, went to the store on West Broadway Saturday and noticed a man staring at them as soon as they walked in the door, he said.
    Madman confronted the man, who was a Fresh Market employee, and captured the exchange in two cell phone videos, both containing graphic language.
    “Excuse me, sir,'' Madman said. "Hey, every time when a Native American comes in here, why do you follow them around? Why do you follow us around?”
    The employee responded, “Oh my gosh, why's it always Native Americans? 'Oh, why do you got to profile us?' Every Native American that comes in here says that. You’re just like the rest of them.”
    Madman responded, “Oh really? Like the rest of them, huh?”
    “Everyone says that,” the employee said.
    “That’s because you do, you do profile us,” Madman said.
    The employee did not identify himself in the video and Fresh Market did not provide his name.
    The employee suggested in the video that he had caught Oldman shoplifting in the store before.
    Madman said a manager later told him the store had no record of shoplifting allegations against Oldman.
    In a second video, streamed live Saturday on Facebook, Oldman and Madman are told they are banned from the store for a year. That video had more than 100,000 views by Tuesday evening, with some commenters calling for a boycott of the store.
    Missoula Fresh Market Co-Owner Craig Holtet said Tuesday the employee in the video no longer works at the store. He said the company also told Madman and Oldman that they were not banned from shopping there.
    “We work hard to provide everybody who comes into the store a happy shopping experience,” Holtet said. “I lost sleep over somebody not having a good experience.”
    Holtet said the store took immediate action to resolve this issue and a manager met with the couple on Monday. Holtet will also meet with the couple on Thursday, he said....  
People Shouldn't Buy the Right to Steal Your Land
Native Americans have seen this monster before.

by Charles P. Pierce, Esquire - 09 AUG 2017
    LINCOLN, NEBRASKA—The involvement of the indigenous populations in both the United States and Canada in the opposition to various pipelines, including the Keystone XL, should come as no surprise. As we have said, the abuse and misuse of the eminent domain process in the construction of the pipeline here has been an effective organizing tool to bring together environmentalists and ranchers to oppose the project. And if it is nothing else, the history of the native peoples on this continent is the greatest example of eminent domain abuse in human history. They know better than anyone the feeling that greater forces from the outside can overwhelm and threaten long-standing ways of life.
    On Tuesday, in a basement ballroom of a downtown hotel, the Ponca, Santee, Omaha, and Winnebago peoples organized a treaty among themselves, and several other tribes, expressing their opposition to the pipeline. From the start, here and in Canada, the indigenous peoples of the continent have been at the heart of the opposition to projects like this one, most visibly during the extended confrontation over the Dakota Access pipeline. In Nebraska, the alliance between Native Americans and ranchers, particularly over issues of eminent domain, not only was shot through with remarkable historical je ne sais quoi, it was a pragmatic decision based on common interests. People shouldn't buy the right to steal your land. The Native people are familiar with this phenomenon and with how angry its victims can become....  
An unidentified youth yawns as he stands amidst members of Native American tribes who were holding a prayer during a rally outside the building where the Nebraska Public Service Commission was holding a hearing on the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017. The Nebraska Public Service Commission is on Day 2 of a five-day public hearing to decide whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline which would transport oil from tar sands deposits in Alberta, Canada, across Montana and South Dakota to Nebraska. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)
Opponents Question Route Choice During 2nd Day of Keystone XL Pipeline Hearing
Zach Pluhacek, Lincoln Journal Star  -  08 AUG 2017
    Nothing binds the Keystone XL pipeline to its proposed route through Nebraska, TransCanada officials acknowledged Tuesday under sometimes-furious questioning by attorneys opposing the pipeline.
    A different route -- one parallel to the existing Keystone pipeline, which was built in 2010 -- would cut a shorter path through the state, cross fewer rivers, make one less pass over the Ponca Trail of Tears and reduce the potential impact on wildlife such as the endangered whooping crane.
    "Wouldn't it be an advantage to TransCanada to be able to put in a pipeline across a route over which it had no public opposition, and for which the public was either in agreement or indifferent?" attorney Dave Domina of Omaha asked Meera Kothari, the project's lead engineer, during the second day of a weeklong hearing at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel....
Water woes have reshaped the map of North America by 2028 in this detail from an imaginative map in the new water atlas.
Maps Show How Water Can Be a Precious Lifeline—or a Deadly Weapon
A new atlas by "guerrilla cartographers" explores the importance of water in everything from ancient mythology to modern warfare.

by Greg Miller, National Geographic  -  08 AUG 2017
    In the recent conflicts in Iraq and Syria, water has often been used as a weapon. When ISIS seized the Fallujah Barrage, a dam on the Euphrates River, in 2014, they raised the floodgates to deprive downstream cities of water.
    Later, they released water from the dam in an attempt to flood approaching Iraqi forces, which eventually recaptured the dam in 2016. (See "What You Need to Know About the World's Water Wars.")
    Water touches every aspect of human life, sometimes in unexpected ways, says Darin Jensen, a cartographer at the University of California and founder of a nonprofit group called Guerrilla Cartography.
    The group’s latest project, Water: An Atlas, takes an unconventional look at the importance of water through more than 80 maps, including one showing the sites where water has played a role in the conflict with ISIS (included in the gallery above).
    The maps in the atlas come from artists, activists, academics, and other mapmakers. Like the group’s first atlas, which focused on food issues, it was a crowdsourced effort. Organizers picked the theme and solicited contributions.
    “It’s a very bottom-up process where we don’t look to publishers or academics to tell us what people want to read on a map,” Jensen says. “We announce a theme and let people who are passionate about it tell us what should be in the atlas."...
Three protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline project attached themselves to large excavators in September at a worksite northwest of Almont near Interstate 94 and County Road 86 in Morton County.
Judge Orders Prosecutor to Turn Over Private Security Memos
Caroline Grueskin, Bismarck Tribune  -  08 AUG 2017
    A judge ordered a prosecutor Tuesday to inquire after memos from a private security firm working for the Dakota Access Pipeline that might relate to a protester's criminal case.
    Judge Allan Schmalenberger ruled in court that Morton County Assistant State's Attorney Brian Grosinger needed to ask TigerSwan for information pertaining to the arrest of Nicholas Tilsen on Sept. 14.
    Tilsen allegedly used a "sleeping dragon" — a device made of metal pipe that activists use to hook themselves to equipment — to lock onto a track hoe at a pipeline worksite near New Salem. He is accused of endangering the lives of law enforcement officers, who used power tools to cut him off.
    Schmalenberger's order came after a request from defense attorneys Chad Nodland and Bruce Ellison, who argued that the relationship between the company and local police was "hand in glove," noting that the two apparently shared information, radio frequencies and physical space at a joint information center. For that reason, they should be entitled to information collected by TigerSwan about Tilsen, they argued.
    "The line between (Energy Transfer Partner's) private security forces and law enforcement has been erased," Nodland wrote....
A Dakota Access Pipeline protester clears away a tire and debris from a roadblock against a line of law enforcement during a confrontation in October at the Front Line Camp located on Highway 1806 in Morton County.
Practice of Recharging DAPL Cases Dropped in June, July
Caroline Grueskin, Bismarck Tribune  -  08 AUG 2017
    Morton County prosecutors appear to have quit recharging protesters after they dismiss cases for lack of evidence.
    A review of court records indicate no new charges were filed from June and July against Dakota Access Pipeline opponents, who were arrested on Oct. 22 and Oct. 27 — two of the most contentious days during the protests — and whose cases were dismissed at the request of prosecutors.
    This represents a reversal from April and May, when the Morton County State's Attorney's Office dismissed and recharged 39 cases from Oct. 10 and Oct. 22. Defense attorneys criticized the practice as a way of coercing people to plead guilty.
    Prosecutors did not respond to an email and handwritten message left at the office for comment.
    Motions entered by the prosecutors do leave open the possibility of new charges.
    "Due to the concern the state cannot meet the elements of the offenses as charged, at present" is how many of the motions read.
    And people already recharged from those dates have warrants or upcoming court dates.
    In June and July, most cases set for trial were dismissed at the request of the prosecutors or by a judge. In total, 71 of 101 cases closed were the result of dismissals with no new charges filed. Four people had cases dismissed, but were already recharged from May. Sixteen people pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges for deferred sentences and fines, two people were found guilty at trial and one person took a pretrial diversion. In addition, seven people were acquitted at trial.
    Meanwhile, 10 people had warrants issued for their arrest, because they did not appear at court dates.
    Most of the cases handled derive from Oct. 22 and Oct. 27....  
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe files brief asking for pipeline shutdown during more thorough environmental review
Stand With Standing Rock  -  08 AUG 2017
    Yesterday, we filed a powerful brief with the courts making our case for why the pipeline should be shut down while the courts decide an appropriate path forward. In cases where an agency is found to have made such serious errors, it is typical that the action in question be halted. In this case, that means shutting down the pipeline.
    The court determined that the Corps did not adequately assess the impacts to our hunting and fishing rights, nor did they take into account environmental justice. While these things are being considered, we must continue to insist that the court should vacate the easement as well as the finding of no significant impact, and vacate other approvals pending completion of a full Environmental Impact Statement.

– Dave Archambault II

You can read the filed brief at Earth Justice.  
Tribes Want Dakota Pipeline Shut, but Offer Fallback Plan
by Blake Nicholson, AP; ABC News - 08 AUG 2017
    American Indian tribes fighting the Dakota Access oil pipeline are asking a judge to shut down the line while more environmental review is conducted, but they've also presented a fallback plan should the judge disagree.
    The "alternative relief" that Standing Rock Sioux attorney Jan Hasselmen "reluctantly" proposed in court documents filed Monday includes increased public reporting of pipeline issues such as repairs, and implementation of a spill response plan — including equipment staging — at the Lake Oahe reservoir on the Missouri River, from which the tribe draws its water.
    "Neither the Corps (of Engineers) nor DAPL has ever communicated with the tribes about spill response planning," Hasselman wrote....  
Make Your Voice Heard: No to the Dakota Access Pipeline
NARF  -  08 AUG 2017
    Since 2014, tribes in the Great Plains have opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline. Early in 2017, the Trump administration fast-tracked the permitting process but now, a federal judge has granted the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes’ request by ordering the United States Army Corps of Engineers to adequately consider the impact of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, and natural resources. The next hurdle in the case is to stop the flow of oil while the environmental study can be conducted. Join NARF in Standing Firm for Justice. Sign the petition below.

On your behalf, this petition will be delivered to:
Brent Cossette,
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Colonel John Henderson,
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers...
A child from the Iñupiaq village of Selawik walks near the shore in northwest Alaska. The community faces coastal erosion from climate change.  Photo: Alaska Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Tribes Commit to Uphold Paris Climate Agreement
Western nations take action on climate change — and push for self-governance.
by Lyndsey Gilpin, High Country News  -  14 JUL 2017
    The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community started planning for climate change a decade ago. Located on the southeastern peninsula of Fidalgo Island on Puget Sound in Washington, the reservation is surrounded by water and at high risk for sea-level rise. A destructive 100-year storm event in 2006 led tribal leaders to research and fund climate programs, and the Swinomish became the first tribal nation to adopt a climate adaptation plan.
    So when President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the United Nations’ Paris climate agreement, the Swinomish reacted swiftly and, together with other tribes, publicly committed to uphold the accord.
    In the West, where many tribal communities and reservations are on the frontlines of climate change, tribal leaders are determined to move forward on climate action as sovereign nations despite budget cuts, climate denial, and inaction. “We came together with one another to raise the level of environmental awareness,” said Debra Lekanoff, governmental affairs director for the Swinomish. “We can’t just pick up and move the places where we live.”...  
County Sheriff Vance Norton shot and killed Ute tribal citizen Todd Murray on tribal land.
Ute Indian Tribe Secures Major Victory Against Trespassing State & County Officers
by Native News Online Staff, Native News Online  -  13 JUL 2017
    FT. DUCHESNE, UTAH – On July 11, 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit issued a decision in Vance Norton, et al, v. Ute Indian Tribe, one of a series of cases in which the Ute Tribe and the family of Todd Murray are seeking to hold now-Uintah County Sheriff Vance Norton accountable for allegedly trespassing onto the Ute Reservation and shooting Todd Murray, an unarmed Ute Indian, in the head from point blank range; and to hold Norton’s associates accountable for allegedly trespassing onto the reservation and destroying evidence and taking other actions to cover up Norton’s shooting of Murray....  
Federal Government Denies N.D.'s Request for Reimbursement Related to DAPL Protest Costs
KFYR-TV  -  12 JUL 2017
    BISMARCK, N.D. - The federal government denied North Dakota's request for reimbursement for cost associated with the Dakota Access Pipeline protests according to a spokesperson for Gov. Doug Burgum.
    The request was made directly to President Donald Trump from Burgum and was denied three weeks later.
    In the letter sent to the president Burgum notes that the total costs for protest activity is expected to be $37 million.
On behalf of his tribe, Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II accepted the inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award for courage at a ceremony in New York City. Photo: Theresa Braine
Standing Rock Sioux to Spearhead $1 Million in Renewable Energy Projects
Standing Rock Sioux receives inaugural Henry A. Wallace Prize for courage under DAPL fire, plus $250,000, from Wallace Global Fund

by Theresa Braine, Indian Country Today  -  11 JUL 2017
    Throughout much of 2016 and into the winter of 2017, water protectors stood fast against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), even in the face of severe injury. The egregiousness of the actions taken against unarmed water protectors caught the attention of the Wallace Global Fund, founded by Henry A. Wallace, who was Vice President of the United States under Franklin D. Roosevelt. The progressive fund awarded $250,000 to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and pledged to invest an additional $1 million in renewable energy initiatives, to be led by the tribe.
    The Wallace fund also bestowed its first-ever Henry A. Wallace Award to the Standing Rock Sioux for their “unwavering courage” in the face of the assault by a public-private partnership of counterterrorism forces using military methods. Wallace spent his life championing democracy and warning against the dangerous impulses that could undermine it, personified by “those who care only about money and privilege—who obtain political power by pretending to care about ordinary people and democracy—who blame all bad things on disfavored minorities, racial, religious or otherwise. Who use lies, media propaganda and snide conspiracy theories to mislead the people into giving them power,” said Scott Wallace, Co-Chair of the Wallace Global Fund and grandson of the founder....
Enbridge's Line 3 Proposal: Why 13 Young Minnesotans Launched a Legal Fight Against a Pipeline
We bring a unique perspective, because we will live the longest with the consequences of today's decisions.

by Sophia Manolis, StarTribune  -  11 JUL 2017
    Most people have heard of the Dakota Access pipeline, but many Minnesotans may not know that Enbridge, one of the companies behind DAPL, is proposing an enormous pipeline expansion through our state. Enbridge wants to construct a new pipeline called “Line 3” to carry tar-sands oil from Alberta to Superior, Wis.
    The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will hold hearings on the pipeline proposal this fall and will decide whether to permit it in 2018. While citizens may testify at the hearings, some parties have been formally recognized as “intervenors,” based on having submitted petitions declaring that the project would directly affect them. Intervenors will participate officially in court proceedings, representing their specific opposition to Line 3.
    The Line 3 pipeline would have many harmful effects. High on the list: It would contribute to climate change by expanding fossil-fuel infrastructure and dependency. Therefore, 12 other young people and I petitioned to intervene together in these legal proceedings, because the advancement of climate change would directly, personally and adversely affect our future health, opportunities, livelihoods and well-being. As young people who value clean water and air, and who would like to count on healthy, thriving futures, we feel our voices should be heard in this process. We call ourselves the “youth climate intervenors,” and on July 3, a judge affirmed the merits of our argument, officially granting us intervenor status.
    Young people have never formally intervened in a U.S. pipeline review process, yet we bring...  
Based on Recent Rulings: Ten More Cases Dismissed
by Water Protector Legal Collective, via Censored News  -  10 JUL 2017
    A big win for water protectors last week, 10 of the cases arising from October 22, 2016 that were set to go to court on Thursday July 6 and Friday July 7, 2017 were dismissed. The 10 defendants were facing Criminal Trespass and Engaging in a Riot charges and seven of the 10 were represented by the Water Protector Legal Collective (WPLC).
    All of the cases stemmed from the mass arrests that took place in Standing Rock on October 22, 2016 and are much the same to the recent proceedings on June 29, 2017 when a not guilty verdict was reached at the Morton County District Court.
    The motion made by Assistant Morton County State’s Attorney Brian Grosinger read, “Based on the rulings on the trial for June 29, 2017 in respect to the State anticipates substantially the same evidence in these cases.” Upon finding out the order to dismiss was granted WPLC Attorney Brian Fitzpatrick, whose client was one of the 10 defendants, stated: “The State’s Attorney, in my view, acted on his ethical duty to dismiss any case that he cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt. These cases fall into that category. I applaud him for doing the right thing.”...  
Image Credit: Keri Pickett
Why Indigenous Civil Resistance Has a Unique Power
Activists should draw out the connections between local struggles like #NoDAPL and the broader global climate justice movement.

by Molly Wallace, Nation of Change  -  10 JUL 2017
    Published in collaboration with the Peace Science Digest, which summarizes and reflects on current academic research in the field of peace and conflict studies.
    2016 saw the emergence of a powerful movement against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL, through land vital to Native communities, especially the Standing Rock Sioux.
    For non-Native people who have not been paying attention to indigenous rights struggles over the past several decades, the #NoDAPL movement may have served as a wake-up call to some of the injustices still confronting these communities.
    For others, as Tom Hastings points out in “Turtle Island 2016 Civil Resistance Snapshot,” in the Journal for the Study of Peace and Conflict, #NoDAPL is simply another in a long line of civil resistance struggles Native communities have mobilized, often successfully, to claim their rights....  
Protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline leave their main protest camp near Cannon Ball, N.D. Feb. 28, 2017. (Tom Stromme/The Bismarck Tribune)
Journalist Charged With Stalking For Filming Dakota Access Pipeline: Trial Date 12 July 2017
After using a drone to film construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, police arrested well-known native activist and journalist Myron Dewey, accusing him of using the drone to stalk pipeline workers and security.

by Kevin Gosztola, Mint Press News  -  07 July 2017
    An indigenous journalist known for his work covering the Standing Rock camps and other Native American-led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) faces a trial on July 12 in Bismarck, North Dakota.
    Myron Dewey was accused by Shannon Eagon, the wife of Doug Eagon, a member of the National Guard, of “stalking.” If convicted of the class A misdemeanor, he faces up to one year in prison and a possible $3,000 fine.
    The complaint [PDF], approved by Assistant State’s Attorney Gabrielle Goter, alleges on October 8, 2016, Dewey “harassed, frightened, and/or intimidated security workers on a job site.” It further suggests he targeted “their vehicles, license plates, and/or where they were working, which made them fear for their lives and their families’ lives.”
    On October 8, police pulled Dewey over and seized a drone, which he used to document how close the pipeline was getting to water sources and sacred indigenous land. One officer claimed it was used in a crime Dewey was involved in earlier that day. He was subsequently charged and turned himself in to the Morton County Police Department on October 14, when “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman was also facing charges levied against her for journalism.
    Dewey is Newe-Numah/Paiute-Shoshone from the Walker River Paiute Tribe, Agui Diccutta Band (Trout Eaters) and Temoke Shoshone. He founded Digital Smoke Signals, which was created to “indigenize” media through indigenous voices that could produce representations of their cultural core values.
    He recently produced the third part of a feature documentary, “Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock,” to get the perspective of water protectors out to a wide audience. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival....
Federal Court Blocks Trump EPA on Air Pollution
by Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson, The Washington Post  -  03 JUL 2017
    An appeals court Monday struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s 90-day suspension of new emission standards on oil and gas wells, a decision that could set back the Trump administration’s broad legal strategy for rolling back Obama-era rules.
    In a 2-to-1 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit concluded that the EPA had the right to reconsider a 2016 rule limiting methane and smog-forming pollutants emitted by oil and gas wells but could not delay the effective date while it sought to rewrite the regulation.
    The agency has proposed extending the initial delay to two years. Next Monday, there will be a separate administrative public hearing on that suspension.
    “The court’s ruling is yet another reminder, now in the context of environmental protection, that the federal judiciary remains a significant obstacle to the president’s desire to order immediate change,” Richard Lazarus, an environmental-law professor at Harvard Law School, said in an email.
    “The D.C. Circuit’s ruling today makes clear that neither the president nor his EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, can by fiat unilaterally and instantaneously repeal or otherwise stay the effectiveness of the environmental protection rules put into place during the Obama administration,” he added....  
Standing Rock's Fight Against Dakota Pipeline Continues While Tribe Plans for a Fossil-Free Future
Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!  -  04 JUL 2017
    The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe recently won a major legal victory in federal court which may have the power to force the shutdown of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline. District Judge James Boasberg ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration failed to conduct an adequate environmental review of the pipeline, after President Trump ordered the Army Corps to fast-track and greenlight its approval. The judge requested additional briefings next week on whether the pipeline should be shut off until the completion of a full review of a potential oil spill’s impacts on fishing and hunting rights, as well as environmental justice. The pipeline faced months of massive resistance from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, members of hundreds of other indigenous tribes from across the Americas, as well as non-Native allies. We speak with Standing Rock Sioux Chair Dave Archambault II and Nick Tilsen, executive director of the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation and a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota....  
Grandson of Former VP Henry A. Wallace on Standing Rock's Fossil-Free Future & American Fascism
Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!  -  04 JUL 2017
    As we continue to look at how the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is embracing renewable energy, we turn now to Scott Wallace and Ellen Dorsey of the Wallace Global Fund. The fund recently awarded the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe the inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award and a $1 million investment in renewable energy projects led by the tribe. The award is named after Scott Wallace’s grandfather Henry A. Wallace, who served as vice president under Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1941 to 1945. In 1944, Wallace published an iconic article in The New York Times titled “The Danger of American Fascism.” He wrote, "American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact."...  
Divest-Invest: Foundations Urged to Back Climate Solutions While Divesting from Fossil Fuels
Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!  -  04 JUL 2017
    The Wallace Global Fund recently awarded the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe the inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award and a $1 million investment in renewable energy projects led by the tribe. We talk to the fund’s executive director, Ellen Dorsey, about the "Divest-Invest" movement....  
Dakota Access Security Firm's Top Adviser Led Military Intelligence Efforts for 1992 LA Riots
by Steve Horn and Curtis Waltman, DESMOG  -  05 JUL 2017
    Retired Major General James “Spider” Marks chairs the advisory board for TigerSwan, a private security firm hired by Energy Transfer Partners to help police protests of the Dakota Access pipeline — an approach for which Marks has shown vocal support.
    DeSmog has found that Marks also headed up intelligence efforts for the task force which brought over 10,000 U.S. military troops to police the 1992 riots following the acquittal of Los Angeles Police Department members involved in beating Rodney King. In addition, Marks, a long-time military analyst for CNN, led intelligence-gathering efforts for the U.S. military’s 2003 “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq, which was dubbed “Operation Iraqi Liberation.”
    In recent months, Marks has endorsed Dakota Access and its southern leg, the Bayou Bridge pipeline. He has shown this support by writing op-ed pieces published in various newspapers and on the website of a pro-Dakota Access coalition run by a PR firm funded by Energy Transfer Partners.
     “I spent a good portion of my adult life in Iraq, and I must tell you that the similarities are stark,” Marks said in November of the anti-Dakota Access encampment set up by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
    Marks, according to The Washington Times, traveled to Standing Rock “as an adviser to the Midwest Alliance for Infrastructure Now” (MAIN), a pro-pipeline front group run by the Republican Party public relations firm, DCI Group.
    “General Marks is still an adviser to the coalition. He is given a modest stipend for his time and expertise,” DCI Group's Craig Stevens told DeSmog of Marks' relationship with MAIN. “TigerSwan is not a member of the Coalition nor does the Coalition receive any funding from them.” Stevens manages public relations efforts for MAIN and is the crisis management lead for DCI.
    In February, Marks traveled to Louisiana to speak in favor of the Bayou Bridge pipeline at a Louisiana Department of Natural Resources hearing....  
France to End Sales of Gasoline, Diesel Vehicles by 2040
by Devin Henry, The Hill  -  06 JUL 2017
    France is preparing to end the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040 as a way of reaching its emissions targets under the Paris climate agreement.
    Nicolas Hulot, the Ecology Minister under new French President Emmanuel Macron, announced the “tough” goal on Thursday, Agence France-Presse reports.
    "We are announcing an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040," said Hulot, who called the plan a "veritable revolution.”
    Macron has emerged as one of the Paris agreement’s biggest supporters in the wake of President Trump’s June decision to pull the United States out of the deal.
    Hulot announced last month that France would stop granting new licenses for oil and gas exploration both within France and in its overseas territories.
    Macron also said he would welcome American climate scientists to come to his country to continue their research....  
An electric BMW i3 near the Champs Elysees in Paris. CREDIT: AP Photo/Francois Mori
France Will Ban Fossil Fuel-Powered Vehicles by 2040
Energy Minister Nicolas Hulot said the country wants to be the world’s “number one green economy.”

by E. A. Crunden, ThinkProgress  -  06 JUL 2017
    France plans to fully end the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2040 in an effort to become a carbon-neutral nation, Energy Minister Nicolas Hulot announced Thursday in Paris.
    Aiming to be the world’s “number one green economy,” Hulot said gas and diesel-powered vehicles would be phased out over the course of the next two and a half decades, part of a larger effort to meet targets set by the Paris climate agreement. Coal-fired power plants will be eliminated, Hulot said, and citizens will be encouraged to produce their own energy, especially those who own homes. France will also introduce tax incentives — likely in the form of a pollution tax on aging vehicles, or a tax break tied to the purchase of new, cleaner cars — under the ambitious Climate Plan, in addition to ending oil and gas exploration on French land. While Hulot did not detail how France would enact these plans, he emphasized that the “conditions” necessary to make them happen were clearly laid out by the plan....
German News Magazine Rips Trump, Calling Him 'Unfit' and 'A Danger to the World'
by Jen Hayden, Daily KOS  -  Originally Published 26 MAY 2017
    Germany’s Der Spiegel newspaper is pulling no punches after covering Donald Trump’s disastrous trip to Europe. In a brutal op-ed, they lay out the case that Donald Trump is simply "unfit to be President of the United States":...
Documentary: More Than a Pipeline
Watch in English or in Dutch

MoreThanAPipeline  -  29 JUN 2017
    We need your help! The making of the film 'More than a pipeline' has cost us over €28.000,-
    We made the film from our hearts and would love to make it available online for free so as many people as possible around the world learn about the suppression of the First Nations....
More Than a Pipeline, Documentary - English Version
by Robert Bridgeman, YouTube  -  30 JUN 2017
    We are grateful, humble and proud to announce the online release of More than a pipeline. MORE THAN A PIPELINE is a story about 500 years of suppression of the First Nations and how Standing Rock is basically a next chapter in that story.
    This is a 100% non- profit project that relies on donations of viewers. The objective of the film is to increase global awareness about the suppression of The First nations of the US and other countries around the world. But also to show how they resurrected and found back their identity.

DONATE: www.morethanapipeline.com/donate
More Than a Pipeline, Documentary - Dutch Subtitled Version
by Robert Bridgeman, YouTube - 30 JUN 2017
    We are grateful, humble and proud to announce the online release of More than a pipeline. MORE THAN A PIPELINE is a story about 500 years of suppression of the First Nations and how Standing Rock is basically a next chapter in that story.
    This is a 100% non- profit project that relies on donations of viewers. The objective of the film is to increase global awareness about the suppression of The First nations of the US and other countries around the world. But also to show how they resurrected and found back their identity.

DONATE: www.morethanapipeline.com/donate
'More Than a Pipeline' (Watch full movie English or Dutch)
Censored News  -  02 JUL 2017
    We are grateful, humble and proud to announce the online release of More than a pipeline. MORE THAN A PIPELINE is a story about 500 years of suppression of the First Nations and how Standing Rock is basically a next chapter in that story.
    This is a 100 percent non-profit project that relies on donations of viewers. The objective of the film is to increase global awareness about the suppression of The First nations of the US and other countries around the world. But also to show how they resurrected and found back their identity....
Aaron Turgeon, aka Prolific TheRapper, was acquitted of one felony charge and two misdemeanor charges related to his flying a drone during a pipeline protest.          (Photo: Caroline Grueskin, Bismarck Tribune)
12 No-Show Warrants Issued in May DAPL Cases
In a bold and unethical move, Morton County State's Attorney, Allen M. Koppy brings new charges against defendants whose cases are dismissed by the court.  (Comment added by SENAA International)]
by Caroline Grueskin, Bismarck Tribune  -  02 JUL 2017
    Twelve warrants were issued in May when Dakota Access Pipeline protesters did not show up for hearings or trials scheduled in Morton County.
    Warrants are not a problem unique to the protester cases, but they account for a significant number of the approximately 596 cases still open.
    According to court records, there are 109 pipeline-related cases marked "inactive," which usually means an arrest warrant has been issued. That number has been increasing, as more cases head to trial and Morton County state's attorney files new charges against people whose cases were previously dismissed for lack of evidence....  
Morton County State's Attorney, Allen M. Koppy  -  Photo courtesy of Morton County, ND, website
Twelve No-Show Warrants Issued in May DAPL Cases
[In a bold and unethical move, Morton County State's Attorney, Allen M. Koppy, brings new charges against defendants whose cases are dismissed by the court.   (Comment added by SENAA International)]
by Caroline Grueksin, Bismarck Tribune; INFORUM  -  02 JUL 2017
    BISMARCK — Twelve warrants were issued in May when Dakota Access Pipeline protesters did not show up for hearings or trials scheduled in Morton County.
    Warrants are not a problem unique to the protester cases, but they account for a significant number of the approximately 596 cases still open.
    According to court records, there are 109 pipeline-related cases marked "inactive," which usually means an arrest warrant has been issued. That number has been increasing, as more cases head to trial and Morton County state's attorney files new charges against people whose cases were previously dismissed for lack of evidence....  
Hawaiian Fight for Sovereignty
Indigenous Rising Media, Facebook  -  01 JUL 2017
Hawaiian Fight for Sovereignty
    As we approach the 4th of July. Let us recognize the Indigenous-led fights for sovereignty and self-determination.
    Native Hawaiians view their island as an occupied country, not as a U.S. state....
Quote of the Day - The Last Word - MSNBC  
 31 OCT 2016 
Quote of the Day - MSNBC's "The Last Word"

Download the entire North Dakota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board Law
(requires Adobe Reader or other PDF file viewer)

by Al Swilling, SENAA International  -  24 OCT 2016
    North Dakota Law Contains a Detailed Code of Conduct and Oath of Office That Its Peace Officers Must Vow to Uphold--That Applies to the Morton County, ND, Sheriff, His Deputies, and Reinforcements from Other Sheriff's Departments Who Are Working Temporarily for the Morton County Sheriff, or for any other Law Enforcement entity in the state of North Dakota....
A Word About Brenda Norrell and Censored News
Al Swilling, SENAA International - 14 FEB 2015
   For those wondering why the vast majority of shared posts on SENAA International's Web site and Facebook page are from Brenda Norrell's Censored News, it's very simple—and very complex. For many years, Brenda Norrell was a major journalist for (forgive me, Brenda) Indian Country Today (ICT) until they censored Brenda's articles and terminated her without cause. After leaving Indian Country Today, Brenda created the appropriately named Censored News.
   While at ICT, Brenda was a voice for the Dineh (Navajo) people at Black Mesa, Arizona, where bed partners  Peabody  Coal  and  the  BIA  were trying to forcibly remove Dineh residents from their ancestral homes in order to strip mine the land of its coal. That greed took the form of a contrived, fictional "land dispute" between Dineh' and Hopi....
Censored News by Journalist & Publisher Brenda Norrell
Censored News - 12 FEB 2015
   Censored News was created in 2006 after staff reporter Brenda Norrell was censored repeatedly, then terminated by Indian Country Today. Now in its 9th year, with 3.7 million page views around the world, Censored News is published with no advertising, grants or sponsors.
   Today, Censored News maintains a boycott of Indian Country Today, whose reporters have relied on plagiarism of others' hard work for years, instead of being present to cover news stories. Now, with a collective of writers, Censored News focuses on Indigenous Peoples and human rights. www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com

   Please Donate to and Support this important voice for Indigenous people and human rights. --Al Swilling, Founder, SENAA International
Worldwide Prayer Gatherings Will Resume Weekly
by SENAA International  -  28 OCT 2014
What Is a Worldwide Prayer Gathering?
   Though the specific details may vary from one support group to another, and from one geographical location to another, the essential concept remains the same.

A Worldwide Prayer Gathering is not so much a physical gathering into one physical location as it is the spiritual gathering of individuals and groups from around the world who are of one mind and one accord into one spiritual place for a common purpose, which is to ask for the Creator's help to bring about the circumstances that will accomplish our common goal according to His promise.
and What to Do About Them

SENAA International  -  16 FEB 2010
The computing public is becoming increasingly aware of the existence of Local Shared Objects (LSOs), also called "Flash cookies" or "Persistent Identification Elements" (PIEs), the dangers they pose, and the unethical ways that they are placed on our machines. LSOs are the busybodies of  the   Internet,   sticking  their  noses  in   your   personal business  at every opportunity  without  your  knowledge  or consent; and like most busybodies, they're being found out.
   With growing public awareness of LSOs comes a growing demand for effective, real time control of them. Most LSO management solutions offer management or deletion of LSOs after potentially malicious ones have had time to do their damage. Stand-alone LSO management utilities do not offer real time protection, either. This tutorial provides real-time management of LSOs....





Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights and Other Amendments
SENAA International  -  28 JULY 2013

   Transcripts of the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights (1st 10 amendments), and other Constitutional Amendments for your perusal. A public service endeavor of SENAA International.

U.S. Declaration of Independence
SENAA International  -  28 JULY 2013

Transcript of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  A public service endeavor of SENAA International.

Social and Human Rights Questions Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Information concerning indigenous issues requested by Economic and Social Council, Report of the Secretary-General, UN Office of High Commissioner on Human Rights.
In English and more than 300 Other Languages






Medical Fund for
Sophia Wilansky

$431,987 of $500,000 goal
Raised by 14,923 people in
6 months

GoFundMe - 21 NOV 2016
    Sophia Wilansky is a water protector from New York. She left New York City several weeks ago to help with the struggle at Standing Rock. She been an active participate and family to the activist groups NYC Shut It Down and Hoods4Justice. Sophia has always been committed to confronting injustice through vigilance and resistance.
    Sophia was giving out bottles of water to protectors holding down the space when she was shot with a concussion grenade. The explosion blew away most of the muscles, femural and ulnal arteries were destroyed, and one of her forearm bones was shattered. She was air lifted to County Medical Center in Minneapolis were she’s currently undergoing a series of extensive, hours-long surgeries from the injuries sustained from the blast.
    We must to support our comrades when they need us the most. She needs all of us right now. After all she is our family.
    Please consider donating to help pay for her treatment.

 Help spread the word!

Medical Fund for Vanessa (Sioux Z)
GoFundMe - 27 NOV 2016

    Vanessa has been on the front lines fighting DAPL and working security for Oceti Sakowin since September 11. During the action on November 20 at the Backwater bridge, she was intentionally shot in the eye with a tear gas canister from 6 feet away. It was aimed directly at her face by a Morton County officer. She was seen at Bismarck Sanford hospital and released because she had no insurance. She has a detached retina and needs surgery to ensure her vision. She is now seeking medical attention in Fargo. Donations will be used for the cost of the 2 ER visits, surgery, medications, and recovery.

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The PATRIOT Act's Impact on Your Rights - ACLU
   The ACLU’s National Security Project is dedicated to ensuring that U.S. national security policies and practices are consistent with the Constitution, civil liberties, and human rights.